Shabby Chic Spring Jewelry Organizer


While trying to gather the strength to get ready for work I decided to make a quick craft. Ever get a lot of items for different projects and then get overwhelmed by the amount of things you have? I feel like that is whats been happening lately. I’m happy that I decided to make this Shabby Chic Candle Stick Jewelry Organizer though because it was so easy. I have made a similar one before with large clear plates. I decided I wanted something a little smaller for my vanity. I discovered the plates at the thrift store but you can use any plates, glass or plastic, for this craft. I recommend a smaller plate at the top and a bigger plate at the bottom just for visual reasons.

Here is how to make it…

What you need:

2 plates

1 candle stick

E6000 glue

That is it! Glue your candlestick to the center of the bottom plate. Then put glue around the top of candlestick and glue the top plate on. I put a book on top of mine and let it dry for 24 hours before using, just to make sure the glue cures.

Have a good day!! TGIF!!!!!

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