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Hope everyone had a good Tuesday.  This day just dragged on …..

I decided to do one of my Dollar Tree projects tonight. I had seen a YouTube video or Pinterest idea (I honestly can’t remember) about making a Light Up Flower Garland. It looked really easy so I decided to try it out.  I recently bought a red Solo cup garland from there along with some flowers. Today, I picked up a 4 pack of Panasonic batteries. In all. this craft cost $3.

What you need 

1 Pack of Red Solo Cups (you see two here but I only needed one. For a longer strand, buy 2)

1 bushel of Roses. There should be 5 Roses.  (or other flower similar to a rose)

2 AA batteries. If you are using two packs of red Solo cup lights you will need 4 AA batteries.

Small screw driver

How to make 

First pop off all red solo cups (or other decor) from around the light. You can also cut off the decor if it is easier.

Pop off flower from stem. They should come easily off. Then pop out middle of flower.

You will now how petals with hols in the center.

Put these onto the light so that the light is in the center of the flower.

It is ok if all the petals do not fit on at once. I just went one at a time, starting with the bottom flower petal layer and continuing to add more. When you are done each flower should look similar to this :

You can always unscrew the tiny screw and put your batteries in before you do all the flowers to test them! I kept lighting my flowers up. They look so cool! I hung the garland on my desk.

And I turned off the lights …

It looks so good! I am very pleased with this craft. It was fast, easy, and cheap to make. I highly recommend trying this and making it your own. Choose your own colored flowers and where you want to hang your garland. These could be great for parties or sleep overs too!

Have a good night. I’m so thankful to finally be in bed.

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