Dollar Tree Kitchen Decor that got 1.5K Facebook Likes

I wanted to share with yall my Dollar Tree Kitchen Table Decor. This picture got 1.5 K likes on my Facebook DIY craft group. I know it sounds like I am bragging and in all honestly, I am. haha I normally get like 5 likes πŸ™‚ I think in moments we are successful at something that we should be proud of ourselves! I got the bowls, plates, place mats, and hydrangeas from Dollar Tree. Β The glass pitcher that I turned into a vase was found at Goodwill. Β I really like blue and white together. Also, I wanted to note something sweet someone told me tonight. I worked with a girl that I will call N. She told me tonight that she believed I was an artist. She said some people think they are but that she thinks I actually am one. She also said she knew I chose to express my depression through photographs and writing because I am an artist. It felt so nice to be understood.

On the same train of thought I need to vent about something….

WHY is art college so expensive πŸ™ It breaks my heart because I would love to go to college for Photography or Photojournalism. It seems ironic to me that art schools are priced so high and yet artists are the ones that struggle the most in their career fields to make money. I want to call the Art Institute of Charleston but I do not want to get talked into more debt. I am on the fence….

Have a goodnight ! Thank you for following and listening.

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