Coloring Book Glass Plate Decor DIY – Original Idea

Hey Yall!

Hope you are feeling better than me today. I am so sick ugh. You know that feeling when you wake up and feel like you have gotten hit by a truck? Yep. I look like shit this AM and feel worse ha ! I did get to make a craft yesterday though. I recently learned how to make decorative plates using scrap book paper/prints. I came up with the idea to make a Coloring Book Glass Plate. I thought it would be a cute way for parents to showcase their kids art. Below is what you need! MOST of the items you need can be found at the Dollar Tree or Thrift Store.

What you need: 

Coloring page

Colored pencils/crayons


Clear glass plate

Mod Podge

Sheet of Scrap book paper

Paint brush / sponge brush

How to make: 

Take your coloring book page and use your scissors to cut out the image you want to put in the center of your plate.

Use your paint brush/sponge brush to put Mod Podge on front of your colored image.

Lay against bottom of plate and smooth out coloring page with hand.

Paint a layer of mod podge over the back of your coloring page image.

Using scissors, cut out some smaller squares out of your scrapbook paper.

Using your Mod Podge and paint brush, paint on Mod Podge to the front of scrap book paper square you are about to use and lay it on back of plate for the background. Continue to do this until your background is filled in.

Paint a final layer of Mod Podge on the back of the scrapbook paper once everything is glued down.

Let Dry

Place plate on a stand and display!

I hope everyone enjoyed this craft. Have a great day!

Ps. You are welcome to share this craft! Please link your post back to this page, as this is one of my original ideas. Thank you!

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