Shabby Chic Wall Art For Your Office For Under $10

Hey Yall! Hope everyone is doing good! I tried something new with wall stickers and wanted to show you what I came up with. I love the Dollar Tree wall stickers!! And they stick really well to surfaces which is awesome. I have used them as stickers to adorn my …

Vegetarian Lifestyle – 8 Days Without Meat

Hey Yall! Tonight, my boyfriend made this amazing pan of veggies! I had this with some black beans and rice. In moments like this, being a Vegetarian is not too hard. However, earlier today I would have said something different.  I was very much wanting some chicken nuggets in honey …

Going Vegetarian Possibly & What Relaxes You?

Hey Yall! I wanted to post about some things that relax me and ask you what relaxes you? I know everyone is different! Currently, I am listening to an ASMR YouTube video by FrivolousFox ASMR. She is one of my favorite ASMR artists along with ASMR Darling. I find ASMR …

Farewell Facebook and my “Friends”

Hey Yall! Hope that you are doing good 🙂 It is actually feeling a little cooler out side. There has been a slight breeze in Charleston, SC the past few days which has come as such a relief. Currently I am watching the show “What the Health” on Netflix. I …

Small Goals and Social Media

 Hey Yall!

I am happy because on my YouTube channel I now have over 100 followers. It may not sound like much but a couple of weeks ago I did not have any. Everyone starts with 1 follower, I have to remind myself of that. If you would like to follow me on my channel or participate in my give away, I would love that! I do a lot of Dollar Tree hauls, thrift hauls, book hauls, and am starting to do videos on depression awareness.  I will post the link below for you 🙂

I’ve been going back and forth about whether or not I want to stay on Facebook.  I was thinking the other day that anything that a person could not stop doing (other than religion) is probably not a good thing. Does anyone agree with me? I have enjoyed Facebook because it is an outlet to express myself. But in a way, it is a landfill where everyone comes to drop the shit in their life (myself included). For some reason, reading about other peoples problems or looking at information about other peoples lives has become way to addicting. It is hard to understand why it is but, it is. Facebook knows it because even if you “delete” your account you can still activate it again. I do not like that feature because some people struggle with being able to stop doing something and need to be able to REALLY delete it. Am I wrong? Is there a way to permanently delete your Facebook? I want to focus my energy on the outlets that I enjoy. Though Facebook is addicting, it is social media and I feel a lot of my time is wasted on there. I think I will be taking down my page soon.

Sorry it has been kind of quiet on my page lately. I am pet sitting at my friends house and will be staying at a different location for the next few days. I love the pets I watch and find this to be a lot of fun. The cat, Taco, always wants to eat anything I am eating haha. I will have to post a picture of him wanting my rice bowl earlier.

hahah I love that picture it is so funny!

Anyway though guys I am going to go because I am really tired and am going to chill out & watch some TV with the pup. Thank you for following me and hanging in there! Feel free to check out my YouTube channel. I would love to have you follow me there! Please comment on my video and let me know if you are from my blog. Look forward to seeing you. Night!