Aqua Stone Candle Holder – Dollar Tree Craft

Hey Yall!

Tonight I finished my aqua stone candle holder. It is very easy to make if you use hot glue. Hot glue dries really fast as opposed to super glue and works great for this project. All you need is a glass candle holder. I got mine from the dollar tree.

Then you will get some colored stones. They are at the dollar tree in the artificial flower section by the frames. You can choose a different color but I thought that the aqua blue stones looked really nautical. Use your glue gun to glue the stones to the glass.

As you are doing it, your candle holder should look similar to this:

All of the stones are different sizes. Some larger than others. I kept gluing them in straight lines and as close as I could get them to each other. If you have a gap though just fill it in with stones. Even if you have to glue on to of stones to fill a gap that is ok! This is what mine turned out to look like…

The stones, candle, and glass candle holder only cost THREE DOLLARS!! The only other think you will need is a glue gun and glue sticks. You can get glue sticks at the Dollar Tree and can purchase a glue gun for around $5 at Michaels. Less if you use their coupon that is always on their website!

Hope you enjoyed this! I also decided to bedazzle my glue gun jar. I was using an old salsa jar I had for my glue sticks. This is what the jar looked like before and after:

Have a good night!

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