What do You do TOO Much of?

Hey Yall!

I was trying to think of a good topic tonight. For some reasons I lists make me feel organized so I am going to make another one. Below are things I do TOO much of. Meaning that these things are not necessarily bad but in excess they can be. I would love to hear about what you do too much of! Post it below and let me know. I promise not to judge!

What I do too much of  

Eating Snack Food

Spending Money

Drinking Coffee

Judging Myself


Social Media

Drinking Soda


Loud Country Music

Feeling Defeated


Sleeping Side Ways

Cutting Myself When Shaving

Gum Chewing

Drinking Milk (I’m obsessed with drinking milk)

Not answering my phone


Buying Books

Getting Sick

Trusting the wrong people

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Triggers and Why I Hate Them

Hey Yall

Without going into detail, I just had an embarrassing situation with someone that came to our house. The issue is not who came here but the fact that I was not expecting anyone to come in. Most people love to hang out I would think or at least do not mind someone walking through their house. I am not in that majority of people. My house feels like my safe area where I can be alone. Though I go out I don’t answer the door or invite people to my house. I’m sure that sounds awfully mean but it is the reality. I’m introverted, depressed, and do not know how to handle a lot of social situations.  I need to know when people are coming over and who it is so that I can mentally prepare myself.

In this particular situation, someone stopped by briefly. Our Cocker Spaniel started pouncing everywhere in excitement and due to this, ended up jumping all over my nicely decorated envelopes I had just prepared. It had taken me a lot of time to get those letters together and put stuff in them. I over reacted when he did this and started yelling at him and then yelling at my boyfriend. I then proceeded to stomp in the back of the house and slam the door while this person was here. Embarrassing much? I then feel totally defeated because I knew I handled the situation wrong and I knew now this person made a judgement against me based on what I just did. I felt like it was just another strike which makes me want to curl up and die. Everything emotional seems to be exemplified with me right now. I jump to anger before I turn to any other emotion.

It did not help that I recently got my hopes up that we may be able to move based off of a job opportunity. It fell through though and we will not be moving. I am stuck in the same city my brother died, my sister died slowly in, my dad who was never there lives, my mother who could never parent is, and a whole ton of underpaying crappy jobs. I know I am supposed to be supportive of my boyfriend and happy that he got a job here. And I am for him. But not for me. I feel like what is the point to anything? My family prayed before Jeremy went to that interview and I had previously prayed about it. I told God that if it was His will to please let Jeremy get that job. Due to the answer not being favorable, I do not believe it was in God’s will for Jeremy to get that position. I just wish I knew why.

Anyway, just a vent about how fun depression can be. Oh and not to mention, I think it is triggering seeing people’s siblings because I do not know where mine is. Meaning, my dad is choosing to not tell me where he buried my brother. I have pleaded with him but have not gotten anywhere. I don’t know how to be OK until I can find him and tell him goodbye. I need that closure and he is taking it from me. The child that he saw maybe 4 times in his entire life. Father of the year award right there.

Thanks for listening! Sorry I am feeling so negative.

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My Favorite Baby Names

Hey Yall

When I was on vacation I picked up the book “Cool Names for Babies” by Pamela Redmond Satran and Linda Rosenkrantz. Now, by no means do I really need this book but I thought it would be fun to make a post of the names I liked the most out of the book. Who knows, maybe one day I will need it! I thought about making a list of the names I disliked the most. But in an effort to not offend anyone who may be named one of the names I dislike, I will not be posting that list. Everyone has different likes. This is based off of names that are appealing to me. I thought maybe they may give people some name ideas as well.









































Girl Middle Names 


Riva (french for seashore)

Stellina (french for little star)














Boy Middle Names 














I also wanted to throw out there that if you are trying to name a pet that getting a baby name book is not a bad idea! I saw several names that I thought would make great animal names. I also saw a few of my pets names in the book like “Dahlia” and “Daisy.!

Have a great day!

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Savannah, GA Road Trip With Pictures!

Hey Yall!

This picture was taken on the drive back from Savannah, GA. Clearly, Daisy and I are both exhausted. She likes to stick her tongue out when she sleeps so I thought I would copy her haha. Her and Charlie (our Cocker Spaniel) walked all over the water front, in the art stores, and enjoyed a Starbucks cup of H20. They are hilarious. I have a lot more pictures on my DSLR which I will upload in a separate post so you can see.

It was really nice getting to get Starbucks with my grandmother (I call “Gaga”). She is truly the kindest person I have ever known. From the day I was brought home from the hospital to this day she continues to be a wonderful grandmother and friend. Her and I are a lot a like in that we love popcorn, sleeping sideways, eating a good hamburger, COFFEE, shopping, and are addicted to helping others. When I had no where in the world to go she took me in and I will never forget that when all doors were locked, hers was open to me. I will post a picture of my grandfather but I currently do not have one on the computer so that will be in the next post! He is amazing too and I am so thankful for him.


While looking around in downtown Savannah we went into a store called ShopSCAD. This store sells art items that were created by students or people affiliated with the art school there called SCAD. I saw a lot of things that inspired me which was awesome. I found some candles and one was flavored “Coffee.” It really smelled like coffee so of course, I had to take a selfie with it! I would also recommend if you get the chance to try the antique shops in downtown Savannah, please do. They have so many different ones and many are pet friendly (not all).  Next time I will make a note to write down the stores that do allow pets in! I know for sure Earth Bound Trading Co. DOES allow pets in 🙂 Also, Wright Square, 14 W State Street, Savannah, GA 31401 is my FAVORITE antique store. They have 30 vendors in their shop so there are a  variety of antiques to look at that are affordable (compared to many stores in Savannah). They also DO allow dogs in the shop and have a huge Burmese Mountain dog mix named Moose that site at the front of the store and sleeps. He is so cool and friendly with other dogs!!

We went into a store on the Savannah river front called Earthbound Trading Co. It is seriously one of my favorite stores. I love everything they sell and would wear almost all of it! They have some creative things too. One item that my boyfriend and I laughed at was the Colorado Kitty Pot (aka catnip) hahaha. If you have not checked out this store’s jewelry I would definitely recommend it.

There is a little country store in Beaufort on the way to Savannah that we stop at. It is on the side of the road and is white with signs that say what kind of pies they are selling. They sell everything from fresh pie, cookies, flavored ciders, bottle openers, a variety of jams, old fashioned sodas, cotton wreaths, etc. It is a really cute shop if you have time to stop when you are traveling. For those needing a cup of coffee they do have a Keurig and sell coffee for $1.50 a cup.

OK I am going to end here. I will post again soon with more pictures ! Sorry I did not get to post yesterday. I did not have access to my laptop.

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Have a good night!

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How to Make Unicorn Slime


Hey Yall!

I made a really fun craft tonight that I am looking forward to sharing with you! First and foremost I want to thank Gillian Bower for her great DIY on making unicorn slime. You can click here to watch the step by step video of how she did it! Her videos are colorful and enjoyable to watch.  I purchased the glue and Borax from Target .The Borax was found in the washing detergent aisle. The supplies I used and how I did it are below.


1 bottle of glue (can be sparkly or colored)


a little less than 1 tsp of Borax



2 bowls

How I made the slime:

I used two bowls. In one bowl I put the 1/2 cup glitter glue and mixed with whisk the 1/2 cup water

In the second bowl I mixed a little less than 1 tsp of Borax with 1 cup of water. Keep mixing until the Borax is dissolved.

Once the Borax is dissolved, SLOWLY pour a little of the Borax water into the glue mixture  bowl. Continue to mix glue mixture with spoon. You will not need all of the Borax water mixture. I just slowly mixed in the water until the consistency was thick enough for me to pick up the slime. It still felt too wet and sticky though so I added more. When it was perfect it was not sticky, wet, and the glitter was not coming off on my hands. I would recommend watching Gillian’s video above to watch what the texture should look like.

This was the slime when it was very stretchy and perfect! Once I was done playing with it (and that is the best part!) I stored it in two little glass jars that I had. One of the jars is an old candle jar that I recycled <3

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What I Shop For, Friend Mail, and Thrift Store Book Haul

Hey Yall!

I thought I would post about small things I shop for. I would love to know about things you enjoy buying too!


Washi Tape

Cute Stamps

Gel Pens/decorative pens

small candles that smell amazing

lip gloss

nail polish

office supplies (colorful paperclips etc)


rubber stamps

Antique music figures that wind from the bottom 

 Small photography books


string lights 


ear rings

note pads

dog and/or cat related items

room spray

If I can think of anything else I will definitely add them to the list 🙂 . I also got a few letters in the mail today which I have not even gotten the chance to read yet. It is really nice looking in the mail box and finding letters that are not bills ah!

I also stopped by the thrift store today. I could not leave without getting several books. I have been a lot better about buying books lately. Today I do not know what happened. All I can say is that they had a lot of books that I really wanted. One of the most unique ones I got was “The Dog Album.” It is a collection of antique photos that have dogs in them! I thought that was really cool. The Big-Ass Book of Crafts 2 was another good find. It has a ton of crafts in it. Grumpy Cat is hilarious so I had to grab that book. The Grumpy Cat quotes I can REALLY relate too. I wish I could say I was a positive person but I am not. I feel like him and I could truly be friends and talk about the shit we go through. “Orange is the New Black”‘ is the Netflix series that is so good!! Season two just came out so if you have not watched it you may want to check it out. This 2nd season was a lot more intense. Finally, The book “Uninvited” is a Christian book that I feel I am going to be able to relate too. It sounds like the writers dad abandoned her and that she had a hard life growing up. I found the workbook that came with the book as well. I’ve been looking at that book for a while at my church. It sold for $15 there so to get the book and workbook for $4 together I was happy!

Have you found anything cool lately at the thrift store? Post in the comments below if you have! 

OK I hope yall have a great day!

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Friend Mail, Organizing, and Cute Chihuahua Picture!

Hey Yall!

Hope you are having a good weekend.  I was sad that I did not get to make it to church but I was so exhausted from all the coughing that I just could not go much of anywhere today. I did however accomplish a few things. I organized my closet that was about to explode with close that I do not wear for one reason or another. I feel like as we get older we get to know ourselves better. I have realized that no matter how cute an outfit is, if it is not soft cotton like material, I will not wear it.               are pictures of what my closet was like before and after:



This took a while but one by one I pulled all my items out and decided if I would truly wear it again.I think I ended up getting rid of more than I kept! I inspire you donate your clothes as opposed to throwing them away! You could even find out where a local women’s shelter is and donate your clothes there! There may be someone from the organization willing to meet you or advise you of a drop off spot for security reasons.

Tonight I also wrote three letters which sounds a lot easier than it actually was. It is hard for me to sit still for that long! I’m really enjoying having pen pals though. I got lucky with mine because they are good at writing back and seem to be all extremely kind.

Daisy decided she wanted to help me write the letters. I love her. The picture of us at the very top was taken tonight. I think that is one of my favorite pictures that her and I have taken! I love pictures where we are matching. I am not sure she was too thrilled with the hat but she is very patient and tolerates a lot haha. She is definitely very spoiled and well fed!

OK feel free to tell me about your weekend below! I would love to hear about it. Sorry mine was not super exciting. Look forward to hearing from you!

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Got Pineapples? Marshalls Shopping Haul

Hey Yall

Today I did some shopping at Marshalls, the Dollar Tree, and Michaels.  While unicorns were very popular, it looks like the pineapple is replacing them. Every where I looked at Marshalls I saw pineapples. Here are some pics below as proof ha!

I hope that the next popular thing is woodland creatures or something. I do like fruit but I cannot say that pineapple is my favorite. Nor do I want lots of pineapples all over my house. That may just be me personally. Do you ever wonder who comes up with the idea of what is going to be popular next? We probably follow other countries. I am not exactly sure how that works but I am willing to bet that everyone has similar popular trends, even over seas. I took pictures of some of the items I bought at Marshalls. I will put them below for you. There are SO many things in that store I would like. If I worked there I would never have any money!

The cup holder caddy and hanging auto litter bag is for my car. I have a really hard time not looking at my phone when I am in traffic. Especially if I am getting texts or calls. I decided to get the caddy to go in my cup holder to hold my phone so I will not even look at it. I did try it and it works pretty well. There is a place in the back for the charger cord to fit through as well. The hanging auto litter bag is ok. It is velcro and does not seem to have an amazing stick. It hangs over the top of the passenger seat. It is adjustable! The lemon honey spoons are a specialty type item that I would normally not purchase. They were $3.99 which felt a little pricey but I want to test them out with my tea. I have an awful cough and am tired of trying to squeeze this huge thing of honey into my cup. Plus, lemon may help me feel better. I am willing to take the risk for $4! The coasters are self explanatory 🙂 . I mean, are those not the most adorable coasters you have seen !! I have a chihuahua too which works well with the design! They were $4.99 for 12 coasters.

Lastly, I got a planner that is specifically for my blog. I am going to write down what blog topics or YouTube videos I am going to post about and when that is going to happen. I also want to record expenses I incur (in case this ever becomes a business) and motivational type things. I ALMOST bought a planner at Michaels. They had ones for $30!! Granted I could have used a 40 % off coupon but still…. The planner I found at Marshalls was $9.99 and it is an 18 month planner that goes all the way through the end of 2018! I love the cover too. It is the first one that I picked up so I guess it was meant to be.

As always, I am going to keep it real in my blog posts. Today, I FELT really bad.

I notice on days I feel bad that I tend to go shopping. I swear shopping is a coping mechanism for my stress. It is not a healthy thing but at least it is not anything illegal. I felt depressed today and decided to make my FIRST YouTube video called What It Feels Like to Have Depression. You are welcome to subscribe to me on there by clicking the red subscribe button. I will be posting more Dollar Tree and thrift store hauls. But I will also be using my channel as a way to raise awareness for the depression. Please be patient with my recording. I know that my lighting and sound are off.  It is going to take time to get the right equipment and what not.

Hope you have a good night!

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How to be a GOOD Friend

Hey Yall

Hope everyone had a really good day. I wanted to post about friendship because I think it is something many of us struggle with. In my opinion, these days people are too quick to judge and walk away from their friendships. I have had a very close friend for almost 15 years now. We have had our ups and downs but along the way we have figured it out and never lost site of our love for each other. This post is in her honor but is also based off of friendships that I have had fall apart too. Everyone is different, however, below are some things that I think everyone can apply to their friendships.

Leave Your Coffee Maker On

I do not mean literally leave an appliance plugged in. I mean always be a safe haven for your friends to go too. If they need to get away from a bad situation or are in need of late night help, offer your couch to them. I remember the people that helped me when I had nothing more than I remember anything.

Communicate (even the hard topics)

Before you jump to deleting your friend off of Facebook, try to at very least work it out and hear each other out. Remember hearing your friends thoughts requires LISTENING to them. You do not have to agree but at least give each other the respect of telling your sides of the situation. The friend I mentioned above and I one time got into a very long drawn out dramatic argument. I do not even remember how it started but I remember how it ended. We met up somewhere and we agreed to talk it out to figure out whether we were walking away from our friendship or not. The fact that we both swallowed our pride and did that ultimately saved our friendship.

Be Honest but also Supportive

Honesty is an important factor in friendships because with honesty comes trust. Without trust you have an extremely shaky friendship foundation. With that being said, remember to also be supportive. For instance, if your friend is in a relationship with a person you dislike, love her through it and be there. She may not be able to see your side and that has to be OK. Remember, though you and your friend have a lot in common, yall may not make choices in the same way.

You Light a Match When You Gossip. Don’t 

If you choose to talk about your friendship or personal details of your friend to others for entertainment purposes, I warn you that you have started a fire. Thinking that secrets and fake promises to “not tell” will keep the words from getting back to your friend is crazy. The last thing you want is your friend hearing that you have been slandering her to other people without her knowledge. I cannot think of a situation where throwing your friend under the bus in this manner is acceptable other than if you are inquiring with people to get advice in a really concerning situation.

Friendships are Like Dating

No, I do not mean that you should literally be dating your friend. But in a way I do. Friendships are investments and in order to keep a friendship healthy and strong it is important to make time for each other. Obviously life gets busy and people work a lot. That is very understandable. Even if all you can do is send a Facebook message checking to see how your friend is doing, write them a letter, leave them a small gift, or just split lunch before work that is OK! Despite popular belief, one does not have to have money to have friends.

Build Each Other Up

These days, many people are struggling with weight issues, financial issues, relationship issues, money issues, emotional issues, etc! Stress and coffee used to be one of the prime topics discussed at my last job. It is really important to be strong for your friend when they are going through it. Let them talk and compliment them on pushing through it. Remind them that this is going to pass. I can assure you, when the time comes around for you to need a shoulder to lean on, you are going to realize how much it meant to them that day you were there.

Don’t Outshine Each Other

Friendship should not be a competition of who is better than the other. If you make it into that the tension and pressure to “be better” will implode your friendship. Support, love, and compliment each other on a regular basis. If your friend gets an award, a raise, a new opportunity, engaged, etc, show them that you are proud of them! Even just telling them verbally will mean a lot. Remember, your time will come too and they should be there just as you were there for them.

Keep in Touch

It is likely that at one point or another your friend is going to move away. Whether that means to a different job or different state I do not know. Some people think this automatically means a friendship is doomed because they will never SEE their friend. Friendship is like rowing a boat. You both have to try and make an effort for it to work. You do not have to SEE a friend to KEEP a friend. Remember to call, write, and check on your friend even if they are far away. I sometimes go weeks or longer without getting the chance to touch base with my good friend. But I can assure you that whenever we talk it feels like old times because of the work we have put into our friendship over the years. We see each other occasionally but the basis of our friendship is long distance and that is OK!  Love will hold you together if you have faith.

I hope this blog topic gave you some things to think about. I am pro trying a lot of different things before walking away from a friendship. I have seen some really catty things over the past few years that have made me sad. I would like to think that as years go on, our friendships age in the way wine does! It’s a goal of mine to work on keeping in touching and still letting people know I am there for them, even when they are far away. Have a great night!

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Enjoy the Little Things

Hey Yall

I have a picture that says “Enjoy the Little Things.”

This inspired me to take pictures of little things. Hope you enjoy!

Little Noodles!

Little Mason Jars!

Little Cat!

Little Candle!

Little Cards!

Little Cow!


Little Wet Dog!

There are a lot of other little things. I am sure I could go on and on. I wanted to include a few pictures that I hope made you smile 🙂 What little things do you like? The first five photographs were of items from TJ Maxx. The 6th photograph is of an item from Goodwill and the 7th is of my Chihuahua Daisy after her bath tonight.

Hope you are having a good night and I will talk to you soon.

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