May Dollar Tree Trip

Hey yall!

I unexpectadly got the day off of work today. Working would probably be the smart thing to do, as I am serving out the end of my notice at work. I’ve felt so awful health wise lately though. I wanted Starbucks and amazingly there is one right by the Dollar Tree. I grabbed a medium (I can never remember the fancy word for it) sugar free vanilla latte and went in. The had gotten some new products that were really cute. Here are pictures and info about some of the products that stood out to me 🙂 .

There was a lot of socks there! They had 4th of July socks, Disney socks, Monopoly, Dots, summer prints, etc. All were very cute. Originally I stuck a ton of pairs in my basket. Ever see something cute and just start grabbing in like a squirrel collects nuts before winter. Yeah that was me…. When I had calmed down, I decided to get just 6 pairs. I have two box buddies that I write to that I think will really like these socks. I will not say which pairs I got in case for some reason they read this. I don’t like ruining surprises ! I did notice that the Disney 9-11 socks were smaller than the other socks. I did not decide on those due to this.

Can we just take a minute to appreciate how freaking adorable these notebooks are! I LOVE the dog notebook and the donut one. The message on the donut one is my favorite. It says “donut underestimate yourself.” People are so much stronger than they realize. I got that one personally for myself and I MAY have grabbed a few for a buddy……. 🙂

I did not buy this doll but I really could identify with her. She had a very large bookshelf and a tray of food. Yes please. She is me in miniature form hahah! And can I just say that I appreciate that she is not in stick form. This looks like the size of a normal kid.  I wish I had a daughter because I totally would have bought this for her. Was a really good buy to get four pieces for $1. Target sells dolls and their accessories for a lot of money!


I bought some accrylic containers to help with my boyfriends drawer. The first picture is of the mess that was in his before. The second is of when I put the containers in. The third is when I organized it. I think it REALLY helps!! I always find things I did not know were in there when I go through my items. I like everything to have a home so that we can easily locate it if it is needed 🙂

I did come across the whiskas bags that everyone is hauling. These are decent sized bags. They are small but not sample size. I am sure a shelter could really use these and had I had the extra money, I am sure I would have bought all of them to donate. Unfortunately, I am trying to be really careful right now. I have spent a great deal of money buying things to help pets and my previous employment. I am taking a chill pill on that until I get things financially figured out.

The one other thing I saw there was the decorative fishnet. I am unsure what I am going to do with it craft wise yet but we have several rooms in the house that have a nautical theme. Especially our living room. I am thinking maybe I could hang it on a wall in the spare bedroom and add beach things to it! I have seen people haul these but first saw them at my store today. The only colors offered were green and a sand color. I purchased the sand colored one.

I hope you really enjoyed this Dollar Tree haul. Again remember that I do NOT buy everything I take a picture of. We live in a small house with very little storage. This is one of the reasons I LOVE purchasing storage items from the Dollar Tree to organize all our stuff!

Thank you again to all my wonderful subscribers. I am thankful to live in a country where we can write whatever is in our heart. The fact that you enjoy what is in mine is the ultimate compliment.

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Unicorns & Cactuses


Hoping everyone is having a good night. Starting tomorrow, I have 5 more days left of my notice. I don’t think the reality has hit me yet that I am about to not have a job. I don’t even know what that FEELS like but I have high hopes haha. Tonight I wrote a six page letter to one of my penpals. I love writing and find it to be much more personal than Facebook. I also love receiving little goodies in letters like stickers!! A person can never have enough stickers.

I decided to blog about two of the latest trends that I have seen everywhere.  Is it just me or are there cactuses and unicorns everywhere? I know that sounds very odd but these two things are very popular right now. You can find them on phone covers, clothing, stationary, home decor, etc. There was even recently a unicorn frappuccino at Starbucks!

I have just never seen such an unusual trio that has become popular in stores! I WISH I had a special attachment to one of these because I would have the opportunity to get so many items with them on it. Unfortunately, I live in Charleston, SC and am so far away from a large cactus it is crazy. They remind me of heat and getting poked. I have about as much excitement for the unicorns as I do the cactus. I am just not a fantasy type person and do not care for things that are not real. I know that sounds horrible but I am just being honest. If you like these I am not judging you what so ever. Personally, they do not do it for me. I hope woodland creatures are the next popular trend!

Sometimes I like style and other times I just have to laugh at it. I say, be your own person and do what you are comfortable with. Do not wear things or buy things just because other people are doing it! What is important is that you stay true to yourself. If you have confidence then you will own whatever you are wearing/buying. On that note, have a great night!

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May 2017 Thrift Finds

Hey Yall

Hope you are having a good day. Above is a picture of the thrift finds that I found today. To the left are two Tervis cups. I got each one for 99 cents. At the store, they would have been $15-$20 EACH! Very happy about those. Especially the fact that they came with lids that look new. In the middle I purchased two candles. The blue one has a clean scent and is in a very heavy nautical looking holder. The white one smells really yummy. It’s a tropical scent that reminds me of a pina colada! There is a taller blue candle holder next to the blue candle. It still had a tag on it. I think the same person dropped them off because they are similar colors and styles. To the right is a Paris themed cat bowl. The silver bowl lifts out which is really nice to clean it. I’ve been cutting back on buying books but when I see an animal photography book I pretty much melt.  This book was written/photographed by William Wegman. It had some really cute puppy pictures in it. I am going to use it as motivation to continue on with animal photography.   There is a blue vase next to the book that is hard to see. It has two owls on it and looks unique. The last thing is the little honey jar in the middle. I remember my aunt having a honey jar on her table. She had a little honey comb thing on the stick. Most honey jars do not have that . They will have like a little spoon inside or something but this one was similar to hers! I had to get it !

 I love thrift shopping but you have to be REALLY careful what you buy so that you do not get ripped off. I feel that thrift stores have caught on that people are reselling their items. I have seen items be priced for ABOVE retail before. This bottle stood out to me today. I wanted to show you an example.


This bottle is priced at $6.99. Below is a bottle I just purchased from the Dollar Tree. They also had it in blue.


So just be careful! I buy things that are in good condition, ideally with tags, and priced very low. I normally do not buy candles from thrift stores because they are priced too high. But today I just lucked out with what I found.

Have a good day!

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How to Make a Fourth of July Wreath

Hey Yall

Hope you are doing good! Today I am going to show you how I made a Fourth of July wreath. I will say that this DIY will test your patience. You have to take your time, breathe, and know that this may take a few days to finish. My wreath turned out MUCH better than I expected it too! I’m happy with the results and am going to share with you here how I made it.

The tutorial I went by is below. This was posted in the Dollar Tree DIY group on facebook. It was not part of someones blog. It explains in the simplest way possible how to do this:

I followed this to a T. The one thing I did change though was that I used RED pipe cleaners, not green like the picture shows Red blends in much better with the Fourth of July wreath.  Below is what you will need. Most if not all items can be purchased from the Dollar Tree.

What you need:

2 rolls BLUE Mesh Deco

2 rolls RED Mesh Deco

2 rolls WHITE Mesh Deco

RED Pipe cleaners- (You can get a pack of 100 of red pipe cleaners from Michaels for under $4. I was also told flower wire and twist ties can be used)

3 Clothespins

Wire Wreath frame (I got mine at Michael’s for under $2 with coupon)


Centerpiece for the wreath (I chose a star from Dollar Tree)


I will warn you that cats may be very attracted to this long shiny Mesh Deco. Our cat, Bella, was so interested in my cutting the mesh squares. She also once walked through the entire wreath. She would have sat in it if I had let her ha!!

I would also recommend doing this craft on your floor. It will get messy when you are cutting the mesh. I at first tried it in the bed so I can tell you from experience, unless you want sharp sprinkles all over your bed, choose a flat surface that is easy to clean.   Wishing you the best of luck and hoping that this project goes well for you ~ ! 🙂

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Wreath Gone Wild

 Hey Yall

Hope you are having a relaxing weekend. One of my friends at work wanted some extra hours so very unexpectedly I am no longer needing to work tomorrow. Though I need the money I am good on not having to work for the next two days.  I thought I would write about craft tutorials that LOOK so easy….but are in fact another stor. Tonight I decided finally attempt making a Fourth of July Deco Mesh wreath. I have seen SO many posted on the Dollar Tree DIY site. I also saw a small tutorial that made making a wreath look so easy. Don’t you love those four easy steps kind of things. Same way with recipes! They NEVER happen as easy as they look for me.

First thing I need to prepare you for is that, Deco Mesh unravels.  Not in a good way. In a completely coming apart with little strings everywhere way. Let me tell you though…our cat Bella was fascinated by what I was doing with red shiny material.

So when you CUT this mesh with your scissors, prepare to get little tiny sharp pieces  all over your surface. I would not recommend making a wreath in the bed like I so brightly decided to attempt. I’m probably going to get stabbed tonight at some point by a piece of mesh.

Of course, I only bought ONE back of multi color pipe cleaners thinking that would be enough. The tutorial for the Fourth of July wreath shows the person using GREEN pipe cleaners to tie the mesh to the wreath. I tried this and it was giving it a Christmas/Patriotic look that did not work. Of course the pack of pipe cleaners I bought only had a handful of RED ones. Where can I buy a ton of red pipe cleaners? If you are attempting a wreath, cut the red pipe cleaners in half. This way they go further.

Needless to say, I only have less than 1/4 of my wreath done due to needing more supplies. I wanted to throw the wreath across the room like a Frisbee but for some reason, my boyfriend seems to really like it a lot. He liked it enough to inspire me to finish it. Here is a picture of the little bit I did:

This is me after I got done with that portion of the wreath:

With all that being said, hats off to the wreath makers that buy material and sell their wreaths. I don’t think I will ever look at another wreath the same again haha!

Have a good night. Hope this made you laugh. Below is a picture of my chihuahua. Hope to be sleeping like that soon!

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Writing is my Cutting

Hey Yall

Today I have a vent post. I am feeling so defeated and depressed that I just need to write about it. I should be happy and excited that I put in my two week notice and am going to have more time. Instead, I feel like I am getting very little support for the decision. It feels like people are judging me and that they think I am pathetic. I know that is the depression talking but still. My boyfriend and I have been fighting over something that should have been done weeks ago.

I feel exhausted, burned out, and sad. It is miserable and I hate that I live like this. I wish I could have an operation and they could just cut this sick part of my brain out. How that would change my life.

I’m feeling very sad to because I am about to lose my insurance. I am unsure yet how this is going to affect my counseling. I know I will have to once again pay full price for the doctor. So that is great. Fuck me. I’m so tired of life taking and taking and taking. I don’t have anything else left to give. I’m tapped out.

Thank you for listening to this vent. I hope you can’t relate to it because this feels miserable. I just thought of a very unusual question… if you were a texture and/or textile, what would your soul be made up of? I think mine would be lots of glass. Colorful glass. But all broken.

You know those movies like Girl Interrupted ? They show these old fashioned hospitals and all these girls that have been committed with problems. I always felt sorry for them. Now, it almost looks appealing. They are all getting treated for an illness and they are suffering together. That must build some crazy strong friendships. But then again, it is a movie.

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What I can do with TIME

Hey Yall!

As you get older, you realize what a commodity time is. The more people I lose or moments I miss out on, the more I regret.  There are a lot of emotions that you can heal from but in my opinion, regret is the hardest. There is no going back. People today (myself included) get so caught up in their jobs that they let a lot of their passions wither away. I know that I could make a list of what I could do with free time. I have actually NEVER done it because I never really thought I would have any. I’m not kidding. I’ve been working different jobs since I was 15! Recently, I put my two weeks notice in and am stunned that I may have some time. Time that is not filled with anything but opportunity. I’m so thankful for the chance to do that.

I chose not to make a list based off of what EVERYONE can do with time because each person is different. People all have different needs and desires. It’s impossible to make a list that fits everyone. So below is my list.

What I Can Do With Time 

Go to church every Sunday. I have MISSED this!

Rest. Rest my mind, body, and soul. I’m so tired.

Blog More!

Craft More!

Cook more (this is something I should do but I am not a fan of cooking)

Make antiquing, thrifting, Dollar Tree hauls

Learn to Budget correctly

Finish another book!

Start my tattoo sleeve

Water the plants and garden more

Go on actual DATES with my boyfriend. He would love that!

Brake out my DSLR and take some landscape photography

Re look at going to college for writing or photography

Paint our bathrooms

Take the dogs for walks

Travel to visit family and friends

Spend time with my friends locally

Take Yoga classes and go to the gym

Actually GO to the beach (not just daydream about it)

Get organized. (car, bathroom, everything in general)

Research and find the RIGHT job that fits what I am looking for

I am sure I will add to this list as I go! Thank you for reading. Feel free to share your list with me. Have a wonderful weekend.

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How You Can Know it is Time to Leave Your Job

Hey Yall

This post is about discovering when it is the right time to leave your job. First and foremost, I am not recommending anyone to just hightail it out of their job. Everyone’s situation is different and big decisions take a lot of thought. Secondly, I am so grateful to the people and place I worked for. I’ve learned a lot about customer service, team work, multi tasking, and over coming things that I used to fear. But I have been contemplating leaving for reasons I am going to post about below. This contemplation turned into stress and anxiety. This turned into me feeling an extreme amount of defeat. Something just told me the other day that I was at the end of my rope. It was time to turn in that two week notice, as I wanted to leave the right way. No matter how hard it is, please leave a notice. Walking out or not showing up puts your employees/friends in a bad situation. Plus, it is never worth it to lose a good reference.

Reasons To Leave Your Job

1 You are exhausted ALL the time. (The picture above is how I look when I get home). Being tired can effect your mood, your relationship, and your sleep. Sometimes I am so tired that I am wired. Insomnia (despite sleeping pills) has become a big thing for me.

2 ALL your priorities slip to the bottom of the list. We all have things that are important to us. It is not realistic to say that we can do whatever we want, whenever we want. A job is a job and certain things may have to wait. BUT, if  you feel like everything which is important to you is not getting done or practiced then this is not OK. No one should compromise themselves entirely for a job.

3 You start to feel guilty about leaving your job. You wonder if they would make it OK without you. This thought process is not healthy. You should think about yourself and know that, everyone is replaceable. It feels kind of shitty to tell yourself that but it’s reality. A job will be OK without you. Don’t let guilt weigh you down and keep you at a job longer than you should be.

4 I have made up a new term called “Employee Over Compensation.”  If you feel that you are going above and beyond to keep moral up in your department, something is probably wrong. It’s important to appreciate your employees. Even if it is just with positive reinforcement. If you do not feel that this is happening at your workplace, then you may find yourself doing things to over compensate for what is lacking. This will exhaust both your wallet and you yourself mentally. You can’t fix everything and if you are trying, it is time to job search.

5 You can’t afford anything. You get to a place where you are exhausted, work random days during the week, have put your priorities on the back burner, and find yourself barely making it to the gas station. Before getting paid, your account is negative and once you get paid the check only lasts a week. Did I mention that all your money is spent on groceries, bills, gas, and then you are out. You find yourself not able to afford work clothes. Going on a vacation becomes a dream. Yep, it may be time for a job change if you have hit this place.

6 You don’t see your family. Ever. Not having time to travel to see your family is a huge negative thing. There are certain sacrifices a person should make but that is not one of them. I have not visited my Aunt or Grandparents in a very long time. Too long. I do not want to look back one day and regret. I know what that feels like. If you feel you are missing memories and moments that you can’t get back, it’s time to make a change.

7 You become dependent on a liquid. No I do not just mean alcohol haha.  I am talking you become addicted to Diet Coke, Coffee, or other. If it gets to a place where you cannot function without having several caffeinated drinks at work or without obsessing about having them after work, it may be a red flag that you are severely burned out.

That is as far as I am going to go with the list today. I want you to know though that it is so important that you take care of yourself. I took a picture of myself in the tub the other day. I was feeling emotional and praying that I made the right decision. Then I looked at this picture below. I look like shit. And I do not mean that in an I am ugly or defected way. I look at that picture and see how tired, depressed, sick, and over everything I am. As I was praying I just kept hearing God say, “I have you.” I have faith that he does. I am sharing the picture because I want to inspire you to take a picture of yourself. And ask yourself, are you well? Are you putting yourself first?

I also want to state that my employment is NOT responsible for me having depression. In no way, shape, or form. I have had this condition for many many years and continue to bring awareness about it through my writing. If anything, I have made kind friends who have given me support with it. With that being said, things I experienced, witnessed, or heard caused my depression to get worse. Adding everything up, it was just time to walk away.

Trust yourself and dare to make a big decision. I believe that when a door is shut, windows are opened. I am ready for the air to come in!

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Kids Jellyfish Ribbon Craft

Hey Yall!

It has been a dreary rainy day here in Charleston, SC. I snapped this shot of one of our roses before I headed off to work. I never want to go into work when it rains. 90 percent of the time I end up getting soaked before I get back home. I took a shower very shortly after coming back!

I’ve been wanting to do a kids craft and saw this adorable jellyfish craft on Pinterst. Arty Crafty Kids is the website that I was inspired by. I did not go exactly by their instructions but mine is similar. Below is how mine turned out:

The supplies I used were:

Ribbon (for the tentacles)

1 Paper Plate


Paint brushes or foam brushes

Foam Sheets (for the eyes)



Twine (to hang your art up)

(I did not use glitter but it can definitely be added to paint to add shimmer!)

What I did:

I took a paper plate and cut it in half.

I painted two different colors over the paper plate. You can add as many or few colors as you want

Let Dry

While drying, cut out two large circles from your roam paper or construction paper.

Cut out pupils for the circles. I decided to use hears.

I also cut out a little foam bow and glued a tiny piece of ribbon around the middle.

When plate is dry, glue your eyes on. I added bow to corner of head.

Once dry, turn plate over and glue on your ribbon. You can use any pattern or width you like. I only had strawberry ribbon so I used both sides. The strawberry side and also the back of the ribbon which was white. Always look on the back of your material. I had heart foam paper but I used the back which was completely pink for the eyes. 🙂

I let dry over night and was very happy with the results!! I never thought I would make a feminine jelly fish hahaha but I am in love with her! This was an easy, kid friendly craft. I would monitor kids with scissors but a large majority of this craft is using paint and glue.

I hope you enjoyed this summer craft! Most (if not all) of the supplies can be purchased at the Dollar Tree. I like to keep my crafts easy and affordable. Have a good night.

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Love you guys!

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How to Organize & Budget with $1 Notebook

Hey Yall

I’ve been having some major financial trouble. I’m struggling to keep track of what I am spending and am finding that my basic needs are not all getting met. Normally, I am negative in my account before my next check. And you know what? That is just not OK. I am tired of living like this. I tend to ignore things in hopes that they will go away. YEAH RIGHT. I swear Wells Fargo realizes I am spending a lot on medical expenses on my credit card. They just upped my credit card limit from $1000 to $1600! It used to be $300!  I’ve had to use my credit card to buy some of my medications. I just did not have a choice. However, I want to change that.

I got the little book above from the Dollar Tree. You can find little notebooks almost anywhere. Just make sure it is small enough to carry in your bag and  always keep a pen with it. Today I just took the time to LOOK UP my bills. I know a roundabout of what I pay however I did not have the exact due dates down. I don’t even pay attention to those automatic withdrawals . That is a huge mistake. But one that is even bigger is how much I spend on fast food…..

The left side of that paper is just FAST FOOD for MAY. Zaxby’s and Subway purchases as far as the eye can see. Eating at fast food is paying for convenience. It has to end. I have to start going to the store more, making simple recipes, and taking them to work with me. At this rate, I am literally eating my money!!

On the left side of the page is my Dollar Tree and Thrift store purchases which are also too high. $20 here and $20 there really adds up.  Then I recorded the loans I have….

Did I mention that I have not been in school for quite a while with that loan money!? Discussing loans needs to be its own separate blog post. I owe thousands of dollars though. Thankfully I owe under $10,000 but I know many are not so lucky. I usually pay my loan payment when I get a notice that my payment is overdue. Right now, My payment is around $95 per month. HIGH. I need to take care of those loans one at a time. I broke them up so that I could see all free. I have two subsidized loans and one un subsidized loan. The interest ranges from 3-6% depending in the loan. It feels defeating and makes me want to cry looking at those numbers. But at least now I know the ugly truth of the situation.

I spend too fucking much.

I don’t go out and buy nice shoes, expensive makeup, or designer handbags. I buy a little here and a little there from thrift and craft type stores. When I am having a hard time I have been known to hit up the Target dollar spot or the Dollar Tree. I have honestly got a lot better about Starbucks though. You are literally drinking away your check if you go there often. I know because I used too. And again, I eat out way too much. My goal is to get my boyfriend and I to sit down and look over Pinterest for what we want 2 meals during the week to be. If I have an ingredient list I can buy the items and he can cook the meal. I still want to learn to cook but it feels challenging as I have no patience.

My next goal is to figure out whether or not a budget is even possible off of my salary. I am unsure since I feel that I make so low. But then again, I would have more if I did not spend like I am now. I am going to be taking that little book around with me and figuring out what I spend on gas, groceries, clothing, and purchases in general. This will help me see where I need to cut back.

If you are having trouble financially I do think Dave Ramsey has some really great tips. He has Financial Peace CDs, books, etc. You can find it all on Amazon! Click on the book below for more information.

Have a good night and know that you are not alone if you are really going through it right now!

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