Dollar Tree Kitchen Decor that got 1.5K Facebook Likes

I wanted to share with yall my Dollar Tree Kitchen Table Decor. This picture got 1.5 K likes on my Facebook DIY craft group. I know it sounds like I am bragging and in all honestly, I am. haha I normally get like 5 likes 🙂 I think in moments we are successful at something that we should be proud of ourselves! I got the bowls, plates, place mats, and hydrangeas from Dollar Tree.  The glass pitcher that I turned into a vase was found at Goodwill.  I really like blue and white together. Also, I wanted to note something sweet someone told me tonight. I worked with a girl that I will call N. She told me tonight that she believed I was an artist. She said some people think they are but that she thinks I actually am one. She also said she knew I chose to express my depression through photographs and writing because I am an artist. It felt so nice to be understood.

On the same train of thought I need to vent about something….

WHY is art college so expensive 🙁 It breaks my heart because I would love to go to college for Photography or Photojournalism. It seems ironic to me that art schools are priced so high and yet artists are the ones that struggle the most in their career fields to make money. I want to call the Art Institute of Charleston but I do not want to get talked into more debt. I am on the fence….

Have a goodnight ! Thank you for following and listening.

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Kennel Life

Hey yall!
I thought I would post a quick picture from work. We have a sweet pup that daycares with us that has a tongue of …

We love him and he has a lot of personality!

Today at work I made A LOT of report cards for the animals staying with us. The report card explains how their stay was, how well they ate, etc.

One more day until I get a day off. -_-  I did some thrift store shopping the other day and found a dresser drawer that I wanted. I feel that thrift stores are REALLY going up on their prices. I think they have caught on to the act that many people are re selling what they buy there and making a profit. Even so, used items are USED and should be priced as such.

Today, I had the passing thought that my life should be a book. Just everything that has happened I feel like I would have a lot of material to write about. The down side is that I do not even know where to start or how to write a book. I should probably research that. I do love blogging so that is a start!

I hope everyone has had a relaxing weekend. I know I often complain about being so tired but in reality I am thankful to have a job in an economy where many people are struggling to find one.

Talk to you soon 🙂

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Tattoo Obsessed

Hello! I wanted to share with you a few images below of the sleeve I want to get on my right arm. I want my tattoo sleeve to be made up of places and things I love.

Because I LOVE writing my thoughts….

because I LOVE reading……

because I LOVE God…..

I am not sure what type of camera tattoo I want yet but I LOVE taking pictures…..

I also LOVE coffee and tea !!

These are just a few of the ideas I have right now. They are a work in progress. I am going to gradually start getting some done.  Thank you for  looking! No matter what tattoo you decide on, make sure it is one that you know you will love for the rest of your life. Make sure that it is a part of you. Because, obviously, it will be on you forever.

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Finished “The Good Girl”

Hey Yall !

I finished The Good Girl last night. This novel was suspenseful and a good read. Mary Kubica’s writing really pulls the reader into the novel.  Before I knew it, I was sympathizing with many of the characters. The chapters in this book are told from all the main characters perspectives. The Good Girl’s plot is centered around a girl who was hired to be kidnapped. You will learn how she fights to deal with the situation, all that she endures, and how fear can change to love if the right scenario is in place.  The ending has a twist that will leave you shocked!

Click on the picture above to learn more about the book and read the reviews. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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How to make a Light Up Flower Garland – Dollar Tree

Hey Yall

Hope everyone had a good Tuesday.  This day just dragged on …..

I decided to do one of my Dollar Tree projects tonight. I had seen a YouTube video or Pinterest idea (I honestly can’t remember) about making a Light Up Flower Garland. It looked really easy so I decided to try it out.  I recently bought a red Solo cup garland from there along with some flowers. Today, I picked up a 4 pack of Panasonic batteries. In all. this craft cost $3.

What you need 

1 Pack of Red Solo Cups (you see two here but I only needed one. For a longer strand, buy 2)

1 bushel of Roses. There should be 5 Roses.  (or other flower similar to a rose)

2 AA batteries. If you are using two packs of red Solo cup lights you will need 4 AA batteries.

Small screw driver

How to make 

First pop off all red solo cups (or other decor) from around the light. You can also cut off the decor if it is easier.

Pop off flower from stem. They should come easily off. Then pop out middle of flower.

You will now how petals with hols in the center.

Put these onto the light so that the light is in the center of the flower.

It is ok if all the petals do not fit on at once. I just went one at a time, starting with the bottom flower petal layer and continuing to add more. When you are done each flower should look similar to this :

You can always unscrew the tiny screw and put your batteries in before you do all the flowers to test them! I kept lighting my flowers up. They look so cool! I hung the garland on my desk.

And I turned off the lights …

It looks so good! I am very pleased with this craft. It was fast, easy, and cheap to make. I highly recommend trying this and making it your own. Choose your own colored flowers and where you want to hang your garland. These could be great for parties or sleep overs too!

Have a good night. I’m so thankful to finally be in bed.

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What are box buddies?

Hey Yall

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. I discovered something called “box buddies.” I am a member for Dollar Tree DIY projects on Facebook and someone came up with the idea to do this. Basically, you choose a person (or several) to exchange boxes of craft items and other goodies with. It can be monthly but it does not have to be. I decided to post about myself and put what I was looking for. I discovered three people that I think are going to work out well. I then went to Target and got some adorable stationary from the dollar section for $1. 🙂 I have never heard of Tsum Tsum but apparently that is what the characters are on the paper. They look like little mini replicas of adorable Disney characters. Anyway, I hope my box/pen pals like it! My goal is also to write letters to the people I chose on the box buddies page. The page is actually an event on Facebook that is ending May 6th. I will post the link below. Hopefully it will work for you.

Box Buddies 

Even if you have a blog or are a member of a different community you could still do this. It is really fun making friends and sending things through the mail. It has been so long since I have written an actual letter! I clearly need to write more. I am now going to keep my eye out for really cute affordable things to send my buddies. If it sounds silly then maybe to some it is. But we all need a little fun in our lives right now because lets face it, life is really fucking hard.

For those of you who experience depression, you know that it is REALLY hard sometimes to accomplish the most basic things. I am really thankful that tonight I wrote not only three letters but I found the stamps, put them on the letters, and got them to the mail box. Again, a very simple task that I could have put off forever.

It is the little things you have to be proud of.

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Long Day

Hey Yall

Tonight I enjoyed a glass of wine after coming home from worlds longest day ever. Sometimes I get so physically and mentally exhausted from work that I can’t think straight. I go through the day wondering if things were different, if I had more money, and more than anything if I had more choices how things would change. What is interesting is that everyone wants things to change but no one knows what they want. At least I don’t.

Some days I want to travel. Other days I don’t want to leave the house. I’ve thought I could be a teacher. While moments follow where I do not want to acknowledge kids. They anger me because they are happy, skinny, and cute.  I often want to scream at them, “do you have any fucking idea?” It is jealousy. It’s not their fault that I didn’t get to be a kid. But I have to blame someone.

This post is probably the wine talking. I’m sorry if it does not make any sense. Alcohol is supposed to break down our walls. That is not such a bad thing. I’m not a drinker though so I rarely get the chance for wine to help get my feelings out.

I am going to end here. I will be crashing soon. I am so tired. Hope everyone had a good Friday! Shout out to the people that have to work through the weekend. I am right there with ya.

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What it’s like to be an introvert

Hey yall!

I am so thankful today is over. I’m exhausted and my joints hurt. I ended up going to pick up some Glucosamine after work at Target in hopes it will help. Yay for working on hard floors all day long. -_-

Tonight, I figured I would write about being an introvert. I was discussing being an introvert with my other introverted friend at work. Ever talk with someone and just connect with them based off of their personality? That is how her and I click. I explained to her that being an introvert, I feel like I only have a limited amount of gas in my tank.

Honestly, if I wake up with a half tank then I am doing good.  On this gas, I need to be able to reach certain basic goals to get through the day efficiently. Even the simplest tasks can feel really exhausting. When I wake up, it is very hard to get out of bed. You may think this is normal but in fact, if I did not have anything to do then I may not get out of bed all day. I’m tired and the thought of socializing feels more draining than I can explain. When I go to work and have to over socialize, deal with drama, or am feeling depressed…. my tank quickly drops to:

This is a really bad situation because I have hit the point where I have nothing left. And yet, I still have to drive home, spend time with my boyfriend, eat dinner, feed the pets, do laundry, clean the house some,  take a shower, and finally get in bed. Some days after work I am literally on the brink of having a mental breakdown. I am not sure if I want to scream or cry. Ideally, I would like to curl into a ball and disapear.

My boyfriend is very extroverted. When he is fully awake he has a full tank and is ready to go. He is full of jokes while over flowering with energy at the same time. Big crowds do not exhaust him in the way they do me. You will not find him off in the corner biting his nails as you will me at any kind of social gathering. Granted he does take time to relax. But overall, he stays close to this:

This is a level I have never reached and I cannot help but wonder what it must be like. I wish I wanted to dance randomly during the day and do more physical activity in general. It would be nice to not always want to be alone. This is something I actually have been working on. I continue to prefer just hanging out with 1-2 people at a time though. Groups will never be my thing.

My comfort zone is staying in the house, reading a book, making coffee, crafting, or watching the ID Crime channel on TV. In my ideal world, my house would over all be quiet, everything would be extremely clean, and my surroundings would be organized. I function the best in an organized environment. This drives my boyfriend crazy as he likes to live in a house that looks “lived in.”  I think we will both have to compromise and come to a happy medium some how.

I decided to use gas tank pictures in this blog because these pictures most accurately describes what it feels like to be introverted vs. extroverted. I hope that you can relate to this post! I do not think anything is wrong with being extroverted or introverted. We are all created differently. More importantly, it is important to UNDERSTAND these two personality types. It will help you relate to your friends, family, or significant other better. It will also help you become more open minded and judge people less. I feel that what is “expected” of people socially is to be extroverted. I wish there was more awareness for what it is like to be introverted. Someone with this personality type can make others extremely uncomfortable or offended based off of how they respond to things. Introverts often do not like invites, answering phones, answering the door, introducing themselves in class, extra curricular activities, etc. They are guarded and often quiet people that are very selective on who they let into their world. If an introvert trusts you please understand that this is a big deal. It takes a lot of energy for that person to do this and you are clearly someone special for them to take that action.

I am going to end here tonight. Have a wonderful night!

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Who else is watching 13 Reasons Why?

Hey yall!

I hope you are off work and relaxing in an arm chair in front of your TV right now. Today was my first day back after having a 3 day break. -_- I like working and yet, I like not working too. It get so much more done for myself when I do not have obligations.  Tonight I am looking forward to watching 13 Reasons Why. So many people are watching this show right now. There are 13 episodes in the series and I am starting episode 3 tonight.  I don’t like giving spoilers but if you have never watched the show I will tell you a little about what it is about. 13 Reasons Why is based off of Hannah’s life through cassette tapes sent to her friend, Clay. She recorded them to explains the events that lead up to her choice to commit suicide.  I hope that this series opens eyes, gets people talking, and more than anything I truly hope it gets people THINKING about the effect their words and actions have on people.

The show is based off of high school students. I was a little concerned about that because I am 29 and try to not recall my high school days. I hated high school with a passion of 1000 suns. It does make sense though that 13 Reasons Why involves the lives of teenagers because this is really when bullying, heartbreak, and betrayal rears its ugly head. We learn so much hard shit in high school that we have no idea what to do with or where to put it. The truth is, many people just internalize everything and ultimately decide their is no point to life if it is going to be like this. I would like to say I did not know anyone from high school that committed suicide but I did. I wish she had recorded tapes. I wish I knew why. Hearsay and theories at the end of the day are not enough comfort or closure for those that cared.

I just want to say, in case you are in high school and really at the end of your rope, that in some ways it does get easier. In high school, you usually have no idea who you are, where you are going, who you can trust, or really what life is even all about. Bullying and jealousy runs rampant from one end of the school to the other. If you feel alone, I assure you that you are not. Defeated people tend to not talk to anyone about it. That bottle of sleeping pills next to your parents bed may be looking really amazing right about now. I want to inspire you to hang in there and not give up yet. In college, you chose your own major and people over all leave you alone. They are growing up, many in love, and excited about moving out. They are starting their life and will not be so focused on yours. You will not feel as trapped and the lunch tables that fights happen around will be non existent. There will be stupid crap to deal with, welcome to student loans, and hello responsibility. Everyone is different, but I can tell you that it is worth it to hang in there. Even if it is just for the memories and the moments. It is reason to live. Sometimes we just need something to hang onto. Like hope.

Have good night!

If interested in reading the book, it is below. I have a friend that LOVED the book.

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DIY Gift Bag Wall Art-Dollar Tree

Hey Yall

Hope that you had a good Monday (if there is such a thing). I have to admit that it is really nice not having to work on Monday this week. I went to a gym this morning with a friend and then to a restaurant where I sat outside with friends and had a chicken fajita. YUM! It was totally worth suffering through the gym haha. For some reason, this morning my body was not feeling the treadmill.

I did a very easy and affordable DIY tonight. The DIY gift bag wall art is below.

What you need:

What you need: 

1 Gift Bag

1 frame

1 pair of scissors

How to make: 

This is really simple! Get a gift bag and cut it down to the size of your frame. Place your gift back picture into frame and put the backing of the frame on. Voila!

This is a really affordable way to get pretty wall art. The Dollar Tree has bags as does Walmart and other places. I got the bag on sale above at Walmart 50 % off because of the Easter sale. It was around 50 cents and fit an 8×10 frame!

Hope you have a good night and enjoyed this craft.

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