DIY Glass Mushrooms

Hey Yall!

I wanted to post a really fast DIY for yall. I am about to run out to go to the gym. I got the idea for this craft from one of my Dollar Tree groups that I follow on Facebook. These are Glass mushrooms that you can put outside in your garden. I thought it looked like such an easy craft (and it was!). Hope that you enjoy and please let me know if you try it!

What you need:

Two glass candle sticks (they can be different heights)

2 glass bowls (can be different sizes)

E6000 Glue

How to make:

Gently squeeze your E6000 glue around the rim of the candle stick

Turn your bowl upside down and center on the top of the candle stick

Get a book to put on top of your glass mushroom to make sure that the glue cures

 Do both mushrooms just like this!

There they are!! These would be really cute in your garden! Have a good day!

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New Counselor – Depression – It All Hurts

Hey Yall

Hope you had a good day! Thankfully, I had today off. I started with a new counselor this morning. As always, the hardest thing for me is the FIRST appointment with anyone.  I did really like this person though. They specialize in DBT therapy, are getting ready to start a group, and are educated on trauma. A.K.A – I think this counselor is going to be able to help me. That is the good news. The bad news is that there is a long and painful road ahead. If you have Depression then you may know what it is like to try and numb things out and sleep through the pain. When you go to counseling though you are asked questions that often trigger your memory. Pain and anxiety come flooding back because you suddenly realize it is all real and it’s time to deal with it. There is nothing easy about that.

Some of my goals are to figure out how to be less exhausted, how to handle situations better, and how to deal with all that I have been through.

On the bright side, here is something to make you smile:

This is my chihuahua, Daisy,  when she got a bath in daycare the other day. Love her so much and am incredibly thankful that I have had her for the past 5 years. She is my cave making, barky, swimming , cat licking baby.

Today I did a little stress spending. A little is putting it lightly. After counseling I felt the need to shop and shop I did. I went over to Walmart and got some work out capris by Danskin, a few sports bras, Chipotle Snap Pea Crisps, Mod Podge, Nail Polish, lighter, etc..

I did not stop there….

I continued on to Goodwill where I bought another pair of workout pants, shirt to go with workout capris, glass bowl and mirror for craft, and a tree. Did I mention that I bought a TREE today? An artificial large tree that I kept looking at as I shopped around the store. Finally, I saw someone else looking at the tree and walk away from it. I then had to have it and decided to buy it. I can imagine it with white lights on it. This tree is literally taller than me (I am 5’4). It is actually as tall as our flat screen TV on the wall which is hilarious. I need to insert a picture below as soon as my phone starts working again!

I did record all of  my purchases from my last check so I am looking forward to doing a post on that and figuring out the areas I need to work on. Actually, I should not look forward to it because the goal is for me to shop less and I like shopping. Especially when I am stressed.

Alright yall I should have a new DIY up soon. If I can I will do i this afternoon but if not then definitely in the next few days.  This one will not be Easter related. Hope you have a good night!

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Bullying = Suicide

Hey Yall!

Hope everyone survived their Monday.  I did something very unusual today in that I started working out with one of my friends. I don’t honestly think I have ever worked out with anyone other than my boyfriend. I enjoyed it though and did an hour long work out. We walked on the treadmill, stretched, and  did a few arm machines. While at the gym I was watching a Judge Hatchett about a case where a little boy was horribly bullied at camp about everything from his fear of the dark to his weight. It hit close to home because I remember personally being bullied through school and how much it hurt. It started in Kindergarten when two boys drew a line through the sand on the playground and told me only half of it was mine and that I had to stay on my side. It continued into elementary school when my mom once wrote a note to my teacher to try to get the bullying to stop and unfortunately, it only made it worse. I was actually accused of lying by my 3rd grade teacher. I went to a Christian school that was made up of extremely  rich parents and spoiled children. Everything from the Bible to comments about my weight were used against me. I was a very sad and alone child. I wish I could go back and hug myself. Explain that it would all pass and that people that used words to hurt should not be given the time of day. Then I cared what they thought though and wanted direly to be accepted. That is what all kids want to be at the end of the day.

 I would like to say that bullying stops in childhood but I don’t think it just takes on a new form. Women especially are known for competing with and judging each others lives. Often we think that the grass must surely be greener on the other side. If you think about it, bullying starts  by being nosy and not paying enough attention to your own life.  People continue into their adult years to put each other down through social media and gossip.  It’s really sad and petty. There is never a good reason to  hurt someone just because  you are jealous of them or the reverse, their views conflict with your own.  People have a humane right to believe, dress, speak, write, and express how they feel as long as it does  not put another in danger.

This world would be a different place if there were more acceptance and understanding.  If people loved as much as they hated,  imagine the things we could accomplish.  If your child is reporting that they are being bullied, please take it extremely seriously. Today, kids are getting bullied not only in school but online through social media. Young children, teenagers, and young adults have committed suicide due to bullying.  Having to deal with confidence that shatters ones self confidence is more than the average person can handle. Unfortunately, many people do not know how to express what they are going through to their parents and some may feel ashamed that it occurred at all. It is so important to talk to your children, be involved, and to not tolerate bullying.

It is important to remember that there IS help. Do not feel ashamed if you are being bullied. Many people have sadly experienced what you are going through. Bullying can happen to anyone at any point in time. If you are feeling hopeless/helpless over bullying please call the Lieline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255). Also, please visit Stop Bullying to find out how to prevent bullying, respond to bullying, and found out additional information on bullying. Kids and teens need to know they have resources!

I do want to put a face to just a few of the many people that have committed suicide due to bullying. Bullying is extremely serious and torments those that are experiencing it.

Tyrone Unsworth – 13 years old – took his life after being bullied about his sexuality 

Jackson Grubb – 9 years old- driven to suicide by bullying at school over his small size

Daniel Fitzpatrick-13 years old- committed suicide after being bullied over weight and grades 

Bethany Thompson- 11 years old- brain cancer survivor that committed suicide after being bullied about her looks

Brandy Vela – 18 years old- committed suicide after being bullied through social media

Morgan Musson- 13 years old- comitted suicide after being bullied for being 6 ft. tall in school

There are so many others that have committed suicide over bullying. Many, like me, did not take their lives but live on from the pain of what was said to them in their childhood. If you find out your child is bullying another please do not say “kids will be kids.” This is such a serious issue in America.  You may have a chance to truly reach out to your child, get to the root of the problem, use punishment correctly, and communicate with their teachers before an innocent life is lost.

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Awareness about Rhinos and a DIY in Remembrance of Them

Hey Yall!

Hope everyone is having a good day. I unexpectadly got today off which was really nice. I slept  a lot this morning. I have been feeling so exhausted lately. Today I finally  made a craft that has a lot of  meaning to me. As many know, Rhinoceroses are in dire trouble.  There is a high likely hood that if something is not done, they will become extinct. The Western Black Rhino pictured below was declared extinct in 2006.  Articles keep being written about their extinction which gives people the impression this happened recently. According to Snopes, it was a while back.

Why are they endangered you ask? Well Rhinos are sought after by poachers for their ivory tusks. A shocking statistic from fauna-flora is that poaching has risen 900% in the last 5 years! A statistic in 2014 said that every 8 hours, one rhino was killed. There are rangers in Kenya that risk their lives to live alongside the rhinos and protect them.  I wanted to raise awareness on this issue and do a DIY to raise awareness.

I found a paper mache figurine rhino on sale for $4.19 at Target.

Here is my Remember The Rhinos craft:

What I used:

One Rhino paper mache figurine (two are pictured but I just made one)

One piece of scrapbook paper (At Michaels they are 69 cents a sheet)


Small bottle of mod podge (I got mine at the Dollar Tree)

Sponge Brush

What to do: 

Cut the scrap book paper into small squares. Use a sponge brush to brush on the mod podge. Then gently place one square at a time onto your paper mache  Rhino until it is all covered.  I will go ahead and warn you that this craft takes a lot of time and is a lot of patience. It also can be really messy because you are going to have to use your fingers to press down  on the paper to make sure it sticks. With that being said, I do love how my rhino turned out! You could use ANY paper mache animal/design but I chose the Rhino because they are endangered.

Once you have finished putting on all the squares your Rhino will look similar to this:

Once you have glued all the squares on, use your sponge brush to go over the entire rhino with mod podge. Give the entire body a thin coat of it so that the paper will stay set in place. Voila! You have an adorable rhino home decor~!

Hope you enjoyed. This was an original idea of mine so if you use or blog about it, please link it back to me! Thank you !  Have a good night!

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How I Respond to The 52 % of Men That Don’t Feel Birth Control Benefits Them

Hey Yall

I am up early (before 5 AM) which is unheard of! I am exhausted but can’t sleep so I’m doing the next best thing, I blog. One issue that is really bothering me is birth control. I am seeing this quote and references to it around social media “52 percent of men say they haven’t benefited from women having affordable birth control.”  I do not often talk about politics because it is just not an area that I am used to writing about. However, being a woman, I was shocked to read the above statement. My initial reaction is to feel angry and disgusted that men feel that it matters whether or not they have benefited from something that helps women. When I step back and breath though, I realized that I need to explain why men DO benefit from women having access to birth control. There are actually many reasons that men benefit. The sad thing is that they probably do not even realize it and because of that, women may actually lose insurance coverage on their affordable birth control. The more women (and men) speak out to educate on this topic, the higher the possibility we can prevent this from happening.

Men are you listening ? Are you comfortable? Here we go…

First off, I want to ask you if you have a mother, wife, girlfriend, female friend, or daughter? If so, birth control effects you and is a very important topic that you need to get educated on. Even if you have a young daughter and this topic seems scary (like discussing periods), it is better to learn now the benefits of this medication so you can be better prepared for your daughter’s teenage years.

What birth control helps with

First and foremost, when taken correctly birth control  prevents unplanned pregnancy. It is 99.9 % effective. The only thing more effective is abstinence. (Guys does abstinence sound fun?)

Periods that are heavy and painful. Painful cramps, known as dysmenorrhea, effect 90 % of women of reproductive age. (What guy would not give his right arm to make a woman’s PMS better?)

Birth control can help stop menstrual migraines. 60 % of women suffer from these.

Women often have clearer skin and less unwanted hair growth on birth control.

Birth control can make the symptoms of endometriosis better. (Endometriosis- when tissue in uterus grows outside of it. OUCH!)

The pill can also help with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Birth control lowers your testosterone levels and controls when your period comes.

Women who have taken the birth control for five years or 50 % reduction in the risk of developing ovarian cancer.

These facts above come straight from WebMD.

Let’s go a step further…

Men, a large majority of you know that at some point in your life, you have had a one night stand or a sexual encounter that you did not plan on. The ideal situation is that the girl you hooked up with was on birth control (and that you used a condom). This would be ideal protection for preventing an unwanted pregnancy which I can ASSURE you, would have effected you financially, physically, and emotionally. The entire plan you had for your life would have changed in that moment.

Wedding planning does not usually excite men in the same way it does women. One thing that should excite you though is that she can PLAN, with the assistance of birth control, to have her period AFTER the wedding and/or honeymoon. How can she do that you say?

Well, that little portable pack of pills she carries around has both colored and white pills in it. The colored ones she takes to prevent her period and the white ones to prevent her period. Here let me show you….. (some birth controls may LOOK different but many look like the below. Either way, she can do this trick.)

So she can just skip the white pills and go right into a new pack, hence skipping her period. You can thank me later for this knowledge 🙂 Believe me, you do not want your partner to not have affordable access to birth control.

I do also want to throw in this very sad fact that 45% of pregnancies are mistimed or unwanted. That is a huge percentage guys that really shows women should have MORE access to birth control, not less. Let’s make sure that we plan for life (literally) and educate ourselves on topics, like birth control. I’m sure this post just scratches the surface of this issue but I did want to put information out there for men who are confused or curious about facts of the pill. It is true that you may not take it yourself and you clearly don’t have a period. But I can assure you, it DOES effect you.

If you would like some more interesting facts, check out 7 Crazy, Mind-Blowing Facts That You Never Knew About the Pill. (Men, check out fact 4 about larger breasts… just saying!)

Have a goodnight!

Planting Succulents and Thrift Finds

Hey Everyone!

I hope you had a good Saturday. I wish I can say that I had the whole day off but alas, I cannot. I worked and then came home this evening to plant my succulents that have been waiting over a week for some dirt. I’m terrible with plants and in all honesty, they normally die shortly after I acquire them. I’m going to try and take really good care of these though. If anyone has any tips on succulents feel free to let me know ! I used a Dollar Tree planter, potting soil, and little gnomes. Maybe the gnomes will bring my plants good luck!

Before going to work today I also stopped by the thrift store. I’m trying to do better about that but the past few days I have made a stop. Below are a few of the cute thing I found. I spent under $10 so I feel ok about it.

The first is the cutest music box I have ever seen. The wind up is on the side of the house and the dogs in the window spin! There is also a widow on the side of the house so you can look in at the pets. It said made in Taiwan at the bottom. I am unsure how old this is but if you happen to know any information on this item please let me know. I always find it cool to discover whether the item I found is really old or not. I feel like this music box definitely has some age to it because of the way the dogs were painted. This music box was $4.99! Next is….

This is a kitchen decor coffee canvas. I have an all  black cat so I could not leave without this. The front does have some cracking but it was too cute to leave behind. I think it is so funny that it says “black cat house blend” haha. This was $2.99 surprisingly. Sometimes this thrift store REALLY marks up their prices. You always have to weigh whether or not something is worth the price. Things like this music box and this cat picture I have never seen before so that definitely added more value to the items for me.

Tonight I also came home and finished the last dish towel pillow for our other rocking chair. I used up the rest of the stuffing that I had to put into the pillow. I can now start working on my next craft. I am also beginning to realize that I need a crafting desk as opposed to a smaller school desk.  I am starting to spread out all over the kitchen counters when I do a craft.  It is annoying when you do not have enough space to make something!  Speaking of crafts, if you are looking for a Dollar Tree crafting group I highly recommend Dollar Tree DIY Projects. You have to request to join but they very quickly accepted my request. I have posted a few of my crafts on there and gotten a surprisingly large amount of “like” and comments in a short period of time. Check them out!

Hope everyone has a good night!

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Over Sleeping and Chest Pain

Hey Yall

Hope everyone is having a good day. The weather is really nice here in Charleston, SC momentarily. I can’t figure out what type of clothing items to keep in my closet though. Some days it will be really rainy and gross and others burning up! Today, I am going to write about a few things that I am struggling with lately. Though this is a craft and photography blog it is also an online journal in which a share a part of my life that I keep secret from others. By secret I mean I do not want all of these topics discussed in my work place if that makes sense.

So lately, I have been having a lot of trouble getting out of bed.

I feel groggy and weak in the mornings and tend to stay in  bed till around 9:30-10 AM.  I have that advantage because I work nights thankfully. With that being said, I feel my schedule enables me to go to bed really late and sleep in really late.  Is anyone else dealing with sleep issues. Are you taking anything for them? Below are the Melatonin gummies I prefer. I also sometimes take a 1/2 Trazadone to help me sleep. You would have to get that from your Doctor of Psychiatrist though as it is not sold over the counter.

I think the problem is that I am taking these sleeping aides too late. When I get home I tend to need to decompress from work. I will come in, eat dinner, take a bath or shower,  use the computer for a while, watch some tv, then eventually make it back to the bedroom and read. By this time it is usually passed 10:30. If you work a physically strenuous job then you know that it takes a while to calm down to relax.  I am going to talk to my boyfriend about us turning off all technology and going to bed earlier. It would be nice if we could do that by 9:30 PM.

Another thing I am dealing with is chest pain. I have not had it in a long time but it has returned. Normally, I am now experiencing it at night when I come home from work. I will be feeding the pets or doing laundry an feel a pain in my chest. I used to get these when I worked as a Veterinary Assistant. When I decided to transfer into a different position I no longer got them. The position I used to be in felt highly stressful for me and I feel that is the reason I got chest pain. After doing some research I learned that :

“Behaving in an anxious manner causes the body to release stress hormones into the bloodstream.Stress hormones cause a number of physiological, psychological, and emotional changes in the body that prepare it for action when we’re in danger. These changes are commonly referred to as the Stress Response (also known as the Emergency Response or the “flight or fight” response).One of the actions of stress hormones is to cause muscles to contract and tighten.” – Anxiety Centre

I feel stress does a job on our body. My body I feel sometimes gives me warnings that I am really over doing it.  If you are experiencing chest pain, definitely talk to your doctor and do some research on it. It is a relief to me to know that anxiety can cause chest pain. Often people feel they are having a heart attack when actually they are experiencing an anxiety reaction. Also, stomach and digestive issues can be a result of chest pain. I know that my stomach often gets very torn up for reasons I cannot quite figure out. The only thing I can think is that our body was not made to withstand the stress that many of us are putting ourselves through. I often find myself saying that “there has to be a better way.”

Thank you for listening to my medical vent. I know so many of us are dealing with really intense issues, pain, and loss right now.  There are people out there that could use comfort and a big hug that have no one to provide these. I want you to know that you can always come here and vent about what you are going through. I’ve felt alone for a large majority of my life and know that it is a miserable feeling. Even though there are tons of self help books, empowering courses, and get rich quick schemes, there is nothing quite like having someone who will listen.

Hang in there! We made it through the week! I do have another craft to come in the next few days!

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What I Do When I am Sick

Hey Yall

Today I took a sick day. Do you ever wake up and feel like you got hit by a truck?

Yep, that was me today. I physically could not go into work. Sore throat, feverish, and very weak. I hate calling out but I also know that if I push through it I will feel a lot worse. So, what do I do when I am sick?

I’ve slept the majority of today.I think rest is so incredibly important when you are not feeling well. It is important to give your body time to heal. Whenever I call  out, I take nighttime medicine during the day. This helps me sleep!

Normally I take the liquid medication but they also have it in tablets like above if you prefer that! I’m by no means a doctor so please always check with yours or use your best judgement before taking any medication. Also, do not drive on any nighttime medications.

Something I also enjoy doing after having taken a long nap is to take a shower and put on fresh pajamas. I do not usually get dressed to go out when I am sick unless I absolutely have too. Showers are so calming and can help you feel a lot better. I am sure I had fever today because I was going from hot to cold. I now no longer feel sticky and clammy like I did earlier.

Now something I swear by is :

These are immune support tablets that have Vitamin plus 13 vitamins, minerals, and herbs. You put one into a cup of water and let it dissolve. I notice that I feel stronger and have more energy after having had a cup of this. It does not taste amazing to drink but I honestly swear by these immune support tablets. Click on the above picture for more information. And as always, check with your doctor and/or do your research before taking these tablets.

Once you have had a long nap, a shower, and are feeling more alert, light a :

The woodwick candles are especially relaxing because they crackle like a fireplace!  These sound amazing! Click on the Sea Salt and Cotton candle below for more information. They come in a lot of scents and can be found on Amazon.

Another great option when you are not feeling the greatest is just to read. I love laying in bed and reading a good book.  You can find tons of options on amazon. Currently I am reading these:

Click on these books for more information ! Both books are 4.5 stars that discuss the writers first hand account of their experiences. The Joy of Not Working covers issues in the workplace, burnout, and advice on how to enjoy free time. Brain on Fire is a true story of Susannah Cahalan’s fight for survival, as doctors quickly try to figure out what condition is ailing her. I highly recommend both books!  If you are not into reading, you could also color while lying in bed! If you are in a really bad mood and feel that coloring is for kids, check out this coloring book:

Ok I hope yall enjoyed these tips and that everyone is feeling better than me! My final tip is to drink lots of WATER. I never want to do this. For some reason, I crave everything but water when my throat hurts and I am burning up. But water is essential for good health and sodas and/or coffee will only dehydrate you. I’m not saying don’t drink any soda but definitely try to drink a lot of water before and after you do.

Have a good night!

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How to DEFEAT Compassion Fatigue

Hey Yall!

So who is feeling tired and all around burned out from life? Last Sunday, the topic at my church was compassion fatigue. We have also talked about this at one of the meetings at work as well. Compassion fatigue is something anyone can suffer from but people in care taking fields, such as nursing, are more prone to it. It is wonderful to be compassionate and put other people before yourself. When people are weak or injured they require a lot of care. With that being said, you can drain yourself taking care of them. How do you know if you are drained? Well, other than feeling completely deflated you may want to start screaming when someone asks you to do a simple task. This is not because you are angry but because you cannot handle another question or command. Your compassion meter is literally on zero.

It is VERY important to remember that:

What are some good ways of refilling your cup and defeating compassion fatigue you ask?

Take a time out for YOURSELF. What is relaxing for others may not be relaxing for you. Here are some ideas below.


Pick out a good book an read in the yard

Take a bubble bath followed by a nap

Journal all the stress you are feeling

Start a blog on WordPress for free

Take your pets to the park

Schedule a coffee date with a friend

Make an easy and affordable DIY

Pick out a new candle in a relaxing scent

Take a beginners Yoga class

Bring lunch to the beach and just zone out

Go to a restaurant by yourself. Enjoy a quiet meal without needing to answer any questions

Drive into the country with your camera

Listen to ASMR YouTube videos for relaxation

Turn on soft music (rain, ocean waves, tranquil sounds)

Treat yourself & get your hair done

Pick out a pretty polish and paint your nails

Get some new flowers and put them on your table

Make a clean space in your house to study, craft, read, listen to music, and/or just relax

Go fishing or spend time by the water

If you can think of some more ideas I would love to hear them! Again, what works for some people may not work for all people.

I am currently reading the book above. Click on it to learn more information. It got 4 1/2 stars on Amazon! I am finding out all kinds of history about work, what it does to us emotionally, statistics, etc. It also tries to help readers use their free time more efficiently which I can appreciate. So many of us just want to sleep when we go home which makes sense but also means we are most likely very over worked.  It goes on to discuss how peoples identities have become tied to their job and how people are actually having a really hard time not working, even when offered a break!

Hope everyone has a good day. Remember to try to take time for yourself so that you can be strong enough to help other people.

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DIY Easter Egg Centerpiece – Dollar Tree Craft

Hey Yall!

Tonight is going to be a quick Easter Egg Centerpiece DIY!

What you need: 

Three bags of Easter Eggs  (can be sparkly, pastel, etc)

1 Vase (can purchase for cheap at a thrift store)

What to do: 

I just opened packages of  eggs and placed them in the vase. It is THAT easy. Make sure your vase is rinsed and dried well if really dusty. I also wiped some window cleaning spray on the vase before putting the eggs in.

That is all for tonight! I hope you enjoyed this budget friendly craft. Have a good night!

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