DIY Chocolate Easter Bunny Decor

Hey Yall

Hope you had a wonderful Sunday. The weather was beautiful here in Charleston, SC. My boyfriend and I went to church and later to Target to pick up a few things.  I love Target but I will say this, they feel very expensive compared to many other places. Really think about your purchased and if you could find it more affordable somewhere else. We ended up getting a round white tablecloth, 2 blue soft mats for our laundry room, the book Brain of Fire, two small paper Rhinocerose (future craft), some ingredients to make spaghetti, etc. I did try on a few things but was not happy with the fit or the price so I did not get.

I did a new Easter DIY for yall! I saw this one somewhere and LOVED that I could paint a ceramic bunny to make it look like a Chocolate Easter Bunny!! They have bigger “chocolate” Easter bunnies at Michaels selling for a pretty good amount. Why not make them!

To make the Chocolate Easter Bunny craft above, here is what you will need:

1 glass candle stick (can purchase at Dollar Tree or Thrift Store)

Two bags of tiny small colored Easter eggs. (Mine came from Dollar Store)

Small Ceramic or Plastic Bunny (Mine came from Dollar Store)

Brown Paint

Blue Paint (pictured above is yellow paint but I ended up using blue for eye color)

2 Small paint cups or something to hold your paint

Spunge Brush

Two small paint brushes

Tall Thin Glass Vase (Mine came from Dollar Store. Make sure your rabbit can fit in it 🙂 )

Gorilla Glue Gel or Glue Gun

Here is how to make it:

Apply Gorilla Glue or Glue Gun around rim of Candle

Place the candle stick upside down on the vase so that the top of candle stick, sticks to bottom of vase

Leave Vase upside down to dry. You can start painting your rabbit now.

Before painting your little rabbit, there are a few things you need to do. Cut off his ribbon:

Then using the pointed side of our scissors, slip them in hook and gently pull up. This took a minute but hook on rabbits head DID come off. You only need to worry about this if you got the ceramic rabbit from the dollar store.

Use sponge brush to start painting rabbit brown (or if spray painting, take outside and spray paint).

Above is the brown I used. The color was actually called “Dark Chocolate” by Americana Gloss Enamel. I did two coats on my small bunny and touched him up with one of my small paint brushes.

I do not recommend painting over eyes. I tried to leave those the ceramic white so that the blue paint would really stand out. Yellow is also a good option! The blue I used is Craft Smart in Turquoise. I purchased both at Michaels.

While your bunny is drying your vase should also now be dry. Flip it over so that it is standing up. You can add some of your small Easter Eggs now! I used 1 and 1/2 bags to fill my vase. Use your hand to move eggs around until the colors are well combined.

When your rabbit is dry, sit him in the vase 🙂 Voila!! Super cute, affordable, and easy !

Below are a few of the supplies that may help you with this project! Click on them for more information. My goal is to never give you non affordable options. Glass vases go for quite a lot on Amazon as do glass candlesticks. I HIGHLY recommend you go to Dollar Tree or find a local thrift store. Normally, you can find these for around $1 a piece.

Hope you  have a good night and enjoyed this post! I love comments and feedback so feel free to post thoughts or opinions! Thank you for visiting my page and following me!

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DIY Dollar Tree Spring Candy Dish

Morning Yall

The picture above is of Daisy stopping in. 🙂 That picture was taken the other day while she was on her way to daycare. she tends to wear bandannas or little shirts into work with me. I do not know how thrilled she is about clothes but she tolerates it ha!

This morning I am showing you a really simple DIY that I saw on YouTube. It is a Dollar Tree Candy Bowl DIY that is really cute for Easter. The hardest thing about this craft is just waiting for the glue to dry.

The picture below is what you will need:

Two Dollar Tree Bowls (they can have any design. The Spring 2017 design seems to be flowers. White would be pretty too)

Two Glass Candle Sticks (Can get at the Dollar Tree of thrift store)

Super Glue (I used Gorilla Glue. You could also use E6000 or other glue. I would not recommend using a glue gun. You want these candle sticks to really stick to the bowls. Also, if you use Gorilla Glue don’t use White Gorilla glue like I did. That is the foaming kind and it was a little messy.)

How to make : 

Turn your bowl upside down. Glue small end of candle stick to bowl.  Put glue around top of candle stick. Then press to bottom of bowl. I would recommend putting a book or something flat and heavy on top of candlestick and letting it sit for 20 mins or more.

Once that is done turn the bowl so it is sitting up upright on top of candle stick. It should be fully dried now. Next put glue on the BOTTOM of your second candle stick. Press it down INSIDE on the bottom of the bowl.

Once again I added something heavy to the top to ensure the 2nd candlestick stuck.

Once dried. Get your second bowl and glue to the top of this candlestick. Put glue around the top of candle stick and center bowl on it.

For the final time, I added something heavy to the top and waited,


It really was so simple and is really cute! I am going to add some candies to the dish.

Hope everyone has a good day and enjoys this craft!

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It’s ok to cry

Hey Yall

Tonight I come to you with a heavy heart. Today was pretty much like the picture above. I took it after leaving counseling.  My boyfriend came with me to counseling today. Normally I go alone but I realized last night our relationship was not in a good place and thought maybe it would help. Without going into much detail, I do not think he can deal with my depression or the side effects of it much longer. He does not know where he is with our relationship, which is something I have heard before. We have been dating for two years. I allowed myself to trust, love, and fight for something again. I took things out of boxes that I have been carrying around forever because he made me feel safe. Now all I am left feeling is stupid. He is not a bad guy and I do love him. I’m just sorry that he does not think I am worth more of a fight. I could have been a great daughter or wife.   I’ve just never been given the chance.

Therefore, momentarily I am feeling very defeated. I’m bracing myself to be left again. I’ve gotten too comfortable in the environment I live in. I’m now used to AC, having a wash machine, access to internet, privacy, dishwasher, fridge, etc. It’s been comforting to live like this but is not realistic with someone of my income.

I do have a savings account that I have started. Gradually I am going to continue putting money in there.

Regardless of how strong your relationship is, always have a fall back. It’s normal to feed sad and broken over losing someone you loved. But feeling scared IS something that can be prevented by knowing there are funds to at least afford housing.

Hope everyone’s day was better than mine

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Stress Eating Breakfast Lover

Hey Yall!

I just got done devouring two pop tarts. -_- Do you enjoy breakfast? I know some people choose to skip that meal of the day.  I cannot imagine not eating breakfast because it is definitely my favorite meal. I would have to say that I really love French toast and scrambled eggs the most. If you have never been to Cracker Barrel, Three Little Birds, or Early Bird in Charleston, SC I HIGHLY recommend them for breakfast!! Three Little Birds is located behind Earth Fare, serves their drinks in mason jars, and has this amazing peanut butter & banana french toast that I get every time!

  Along with loving breakfast I must admit that I am a stress eater….

I eat to medicate emotional or physical pain. I feel that this is one of the hardest  habits to break. I never sit down and eat a ton of bon bons or anything but I definitely turn to junk food when life feels hard. Last night after work I got a birthday milkshake and a 5 piece chicken finger meal that included fries. I’m willing to bet I was not even actually THAT hungry. It is just that I felt so exhausted and burned out. The combination makes me jump on food like a cheetah going after a gazelle.

If you have any tips that help to prevent stress eating please let me know! This is definitely something I struggle with daily.

Hope everyone has a good day!

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DIY Succulent Garden

Hey yall!

Hope everyone’s day was not as exhausting as mine. I do not even remember eating dinner tonight. Despite the fact that one of my favorite shows is on (Shark Tank) all I could think about doing after coming through the front door is lying in a horizontal position and not moving. I want to give a quick shout out to everyone that does a physical job.

Before going to work I did do a DIY for you! Let me first tell you that I have a black thumb when it comes to gardening. It is very hard for me to keep anything alive haha. So this craft was PERFECT.

The YouTube video I watched for inspiration is on Alicia Nicole’s channel here . She does some great DIY’s and hauls.

To make a succulent garden, here is what you need from the Dollar Tree:

Clear Plastic Bowl (I found mine in section with succulents)

Succulents (they have different colors and sizes. Be creative!)

2 bags of sand (I got mine in brown to resemble dirt but they had different colors.)



Gold Wire

Wire Cutter

How to make succulent garden: 

Fill your bowl with both packets of your sand. (you could also use dirt)

Pull your succulents off of their pot. They come right up.

Then stick succulents straight down in your bowl of sand. The stem of the succulent helps anchor it in sand.

If you choose, you can add rocks to sand around succulents for more decor.

Gold wire an be wrapped around top of bowl as decor.

Use wire cutter to cut wire when it is wrapped around to your preference.

I hope you enjoyed this! This is quite possibly one of the cutest and easiest DIY’s I have ever done!

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What Not to Post on Social Media

Hey yall

I can’t believe today is just Tuesday. I feel like we should at least be to Thursday by now.

Pictured above is the new poof key chain I got.  I don’t think I will lose my keys again. Ever. My friend at work and I both have poofs that are different colors. She says we are poof twins haha.

I was trying to think of a good topic to write about tonight. The topic of “what never to post on social media” came to me. I NEVER thought I would write about that topic. Mainly because I am a very open minded person that likes to speak their mind (through writing). With that being said, as I have grown up, I realize some things that are much better written in a journal or blog, as opposed to places like Facebook.

I truly do believe today that social media posting can affect your career, relationship, and outlook on life.

 What Not to Post on Social Media 

Negative comments towards your job or manager  (Your boss could easily see this info in your status and if not your boss, an employee on your friends list that may gossip the info. It’s just a very unprofessional thing to do)

Stating on a status that you are searching for a new job or have a job interview. (Some how some way this will get back to your manager. You may get let go early.)

Comments and/or statuses about any mental health condition you are going through (I am a huge advocate of discussing mental health. With that being said, many people do not understand these conditions and may start to check on you publicly at work to make sure you are okay. This can make for an embarrassing situation with invasive questions).

Negative statements about your boyfriend/girlfriends parents  or family. Trash talking an x (Speaking as someone who has done BOTH, I can tell you that this will come back to bite you in the ass. If you need to vent, do it in a journal style platform . It is less likely people you are writing about will find it).

Stating you are going on vacation or insinuating you are not at your house.  This is dangerous because a lot of people have access to Facebook. The last thing you want to know is give criminals a heads up to come rob your house.

 If you can thing of some other things let me know! Those are some big ones that stand out to me.

I did go by the Dollar Tree and picked up a few craft things.  My next craft is going to be one that involves succulent plants. Check back for this DIY in the next few days.

Have a good night!

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Defeat Vs. Desire

Hey Yall

I am very happy to report that I am in bed while posting this. I took a bath tonight, lit my new candle, and put on some ocean music. I am really striving to discover ways to relax. Hopefully, one day, I will have one of those big Jacuzzi tubs that my entire body can float in haha! #goals

I wonder how some bloggers come up with their topics. To be honest, I do not read many blogs. I visit ones that have interesting crafts the most. Normally, I find blogs through Pinterest. Sometimes I do not know what I am writing about until I start writing (like tonight).

One of my biggest struggles is to not give in to defeat and to keep pushing for my desires. It is truly a battle. There are days I wake up where I feel like, what is the dam point. I’m so tired of struggling financially, mentally, and physically. Then there are moments of enlightenment where I continue to walk over the hot coals in hopes that all this means something. I’ve really struggled with what my desires exactly are. A few are below:

Get out of Debt (Student Loans + Pay Off Car) 

Have a large enough savings account that I could live off it in an emergency

One day, have my blog as a part time job  

Continue Reading

Get a full sleeve tattooed 

Spend more time with friends

Lose Weight

Attend the Faith Hill and Tim McGraw country music concert 

All of those things take some form of work. If I have learned anything it is that NOTHING is handed to us. Also, I have observed and come to accept that very little is fair in life. The worst things tend to happen to the best people. The struggle is real.

I met with my friend Kelly today for breakfast and discussed life. There is this place in Charleston called Early Bird that is affordable and really good. Our waitress was pregnant with a full sleeve and did an awesome job serving our table. Below is what I got!

Hope there are some people out there that can identify with this blog. I do post crafts and photography but I also discuss real issues that I am dealing with in every day life. My blog is a part of me that I choose to share with the world. Thank you for coming along on the journey. It is nice to not be alone.

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Free Mason Jar Floral Tags & A New Tattoo Decision

Hey Yall!

Hope you are having a good weekend. Today was fun. I was able to get with four of my friends. We went out to eat, then to the piercing shop to have our jewelry refitted, and then some of us went to the tattoo shop to make appointments.  Below is the tattoo I have decided on:

I am going to put this near my wrist. My goal is to make a sleeve of things that bring me peace. Reading has always been an important escape. I have looked into other designs but I keep coming back to this one. My appointment is Saturday at 1 PM. (I am writing that to help me remember).

 I found another cute printable for yall. Click below for the Mason Jar tag printable page.

Free Mason Jar Floral Tags – Pretty

Thank you to Free Pretty Things For You! for providing these for us. I am a huge lover of mason jars and tend to collect unique ones. I especially love the blue Mason Jars.Click on the Mason Jars for more info! I think they would make beautiful wedding table centerpieces. Especially for a nautical or southern style wedding.

I went to TJ Maxx today and saw so many cute things. I did pick up this candle below. I do not think I have ever had a Lavender Candle but I wanted to try it because I believe it promotes sleep and relaxation. The scent reminds me of one you would smell in a spa. It is calming and relaxing.

Have a good night!


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Depression – The Struggle is Real – Tips For Fighting Depression

Hey Yall

I hope everyone is having a good day. My day has not gotten started much yet. One of the first things I do is get up and feed our three dogs and two cats . I’m thankful for my pets because they do give me a reason to get out of bed when I feel that I can’t.  If you struggle from depression,  you know what I mean. I never really know how I am going to wake up. Sometimes, I am able to get out of bed immediately while other times I lay in bed feeling like the weight of the world is on me. There does not have to be a reason or me to get up in the morning feeling extremely sad and defeated.  If you are fighting depression, know that you are NOT alone.  The struggle is truly real in ways many people cannot identify with. Even the most basic activities take effort.

With all that being said, here are a few things that may help you.  I have never (that I can recall) done a list of helpful tips for depression so bear with me. Also, it is important to note that I am NOT Googling or researching others info on things that help. This is solely based off of my own experiences.

Understand that you are mentally tired (not physically).

 Find a reason to get out of bed. Even if it is just to get a bowl of cereal.

Make your bed. This sounds silly but you are less likely to get back into the bed if it is made.

Keep yourself on a routine. Something as simple as feeding the pets in the AM is helpful or loading the dishwasher.

 Drink lots of water. Realize that no amount of coffee or soda is going to make the tired feeling you are experiencing go away.

  Find an exercise you enjoy. Sometimes, when I feel sad or angry I get on my treadmill, crank up the music, and cry it out while I am walking.

Discover a good counselor that you feel comfortable with. I found a low income clinic that had a sliding scale (you pay a certain amount based off your pay stub a.k.a a lot more affordable for many). Get in a routine of going.

If you are a stress eater (like myself) make sure you have a lot of fruit and healthy snacks in your house. Also, try to tell yourself that “food will not fix it.”

Finding a good book can be a great escape from your thoughts. Go to Goodwill or other thrift store and pick one up for under $2.

Photography has been a huge help to me. Just carrying around my camera and snapping pictures of pretty things or that which inspires me is addicting. I also always post them to my Instagram CraftsandCamera87 . You are welcome to find me and follow me!

YouTube has sooo many DIY videos. Whether it is painting, arranging, decorating, etc, I feel relief when I am doing something with my hands. Find an art that you enjoy. There are so many different types! I wish I knew how to sew ! #goals

Keep flowers in your house. This sounds silly but it personally makes me feel happier.

Make sure your environment is clean. When I am surrounded by clutter I want to literally die. This includes your car. For around $20 you can have a car cleaning place clean the inside and outside of your car. I feel SO much better when I have this done.

Be Careful with social media. When you are dealing with Depression the last thing you need is more things to make you feel sad. I had my Facebook where people could post to my wall and I also allowed anyone to have access to my page. I decided to delete page entirely, start over with a new page, change all my security settings, and keep ALL personal info on this blog and NOT on Facebook. I already feel relief from that.

Try to make plans and *keep* them. The hardest thing for me is trying to not make excuses to get out of plans. I have a lot of anxiety over being with people and going places. However, the other day I did keep the plans and I ended up having a really good time. Sometimes, it is all in who you hang out with. Make sure it is the right people that you look forward to being with.

Adopt a dog and/or cat if you are financially able. There are so many animals out there in need of homes at your local SPCA and other shelters. You can even foster an animal if you are unsure. Pets are a huge stress reliever for me. They do require time, money, and effort. With that being said, they have been my biggest source of comfort through everything.

Also, I want to highly recommend considering a job with animals. I am a very introverted person. Being around people all day is stressful and overwhelming for me. When I found a kennel position I realized I was able to keep that job better than almost any job I have ever had. It is back stage, I work with 1-2 people (and sometimes I do it alone), and you have access to both dogs and cats. I used to think I would move on from the position and become something else. There is a stigma around working in kennel I feel where people may consider it a lowly type of position. However, it requires extremely hard work and I am proud to be there. I feel that I may always work kennel along with being a blogger, photography, traveler, listener, friend, and hopefully YouTuber eventually!

I hope maybe these tips helps someone. I saw the quote below the other day and just loved it because of how inspirational it felt. Take care!

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Hello Spring, Target Finds, and Thrift Haul

Hey Yall!

I took down my Valentines Day counter decor today and replaced it with a colorful Spring one! Apparently, South Carolina has just decided to skip winter. Note to self  : Don’t buy so  many warm clothes next year!  I went to the Target Dollar Spot and found the Hello Spring sign for $3. I also bought a $3 pink jar they had. I ended up returning this though along with a few other things because I realized I over paid for it. One thing you have to be careful of is OVER paying. Just because something is in a “dollar spot” does not mean it is worth the price. I later today found the glass jar at Goodwill for $1 that worked well with some flowers I had left over from a Dollar Tree project. I think it turned out well. The whole thing cost $5.

A few other things I found at the thrift store today are below:

I am not sure what it is but I am just so taken with this lamp. It looks very old fashioned and yet is colorful! I did not think it would work but surprisingly it does! It was $2 and some change.

I found this lamp to for my desk . I am into white right now for some reason. It feels clean and goes with a lot of different colors.

I saw this candlestick and thought it was pretty to try spray painting.

I found this book called Money: A User’s Manuel by Bob Russell . It caught my eye because it uses scripture to explain money tips. It looked like an easy  read. Click on the book to learn more about it!

I also found a skirt, a pair of shorts, and a Fossil Wallet that are not pictured.

Hope everyone is having a good night!

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