About Me

Hey Yall!

My name is Jenny and I am a 29 year old blogger, photographer, and animal lover from Charleston, SC. It is my goal to bring you budget friendly ideas for home decor, affordable craft ideas for both children and adults, photographs that inspire,  and many other topics that I hope you will enjoy. I’m a very open minded Christian that believes in love & acceptance first and foremost. I invite you to join my on my journey and feel that we could both learn from each other. Thank you for taking the time to visit by page and hope you find something you enjoy on my blog.

Fourth Of July Crafts!:

How to Make a 4th of July Wreath

How to Decorate on the Fourth of July on a Budget

Below are the links to a few of my Spring / Summer Crafts I would love to share with you:

How to Make Nautical Button Frame *original idea*

Kids Jellyfish Ribbon Craft 

Shabby Chic Spring Jewelry Organizer 

Dollar Tree Kitchen Decor That Got 1.5K Likes on Facebook!

How to make a Light Up Flower Garland – Dollar Tree 

Coloring Book Glass Plate Decor DIY – Original Idea

Aqua Stone Candle Holder – Dollar Tree Craft 

Below is my team:

First and foremost my very sweet & loving boyfriend, Jeremy, who made this site possible

Followed by our amazing kids….

Snuggs (Creative Perspective) #Snugg.Life

Daisy (Comic Relief)

Charlie (Energy & Entertainment)

Bella (Expressive Opinion)

Dahlia (Nature Lover)

Domino (Sleeping Support)

Crafts & Camera is dedicated to the memory of my amazingly strong siblings: Will Crosby (Joker), Becky Clark, and Tonya Crosby. 

They all loved life and each other. I miss them dearly.